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Let’s look back at the year 2023 with the efforts and continuous efforts of the Faculty – Staff and all students of Hoa Sen University to affirm its position as a standard school. international standards and respect for differences for students.

In the past year, a series of learning, experiential, and international student exchange activities were organized, many explosive and majestic playgrounds were organized for students, and a series of projects, projects, and student awards were held. The university has made its mark, spreading the name of Hoa Sen University to more people.

In these last days of the year, let’s review HSU’s impressive numbers in the past year.

More than 300 large and small events and activities were organized
Hundreds of workshops, specialized seminars, and talk shows with famous people were organized. The year 2023 also marks colorful experiential activities for Hoa Sen students. For the first time, Color Me Now, Hoa Sen Student Festival – The 1st HSU Students Fest was held on an extremely grand and professional scale, bringing vivid experiences to students.
Expanding to 100 domestic and foreign partners
To enhance the learning experience and provide more internship and work opportunities for students at businesses, Hoa Sen University expands cooperation with more than 50 domestic and international partners, including arrive:
18 top universities in Taiwan
Foreign businesses such as: MM Mega Market, HG HOLDINGS Group, Grand Hyatt Hotel (USA)…
At the same time, strengthen working with embassies of other countries such as the French Embassy, Consulate General of India, United Nations Delegation, Victoria University of Wellington…
Welcoming 4 batches of international students from 10 countries for study exchange
In the past year, the School welcomed 4 international student groups from 10 countries to exchange studies and cultural exchanges. At the same time, HSU students and lecturers have brought the image of Hoa Sen to 5 continents through international integration programs, study and work exchanges across countries such as the US, France, Taiwan, Malaysia… .
This is an opportunity for international students to access Vietnamese education and culture, and at the same time spread the image of dynamic and creative Vietnamese students to friends around the world.
More than 20 major student projects
More than 20 major student projects such as: I-Hotelier Project, The Future Chef Contest, The Guidding Star, I-Bartender of the Department of Hotel and Restaurant Tourism, TVCreate Project, Talented Manager, Administrator future personnel, HSU Busines Challenge of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Techdev CHALLENGE 2023 Contest of the Faculty of Information Technology, Mental Health Festival of the Faculty of Social Sciences – Law, HSUNiK Young Talent Search. .. were all organized by students themselves, attracting hundreds of students nationwide to participate.
Many projects reach millions of views, have 15 years of experience, create resonance and receive recognition from leading businesses in the industry.
30 awards at City, national and international levels
2023 sees HSU’s talented and talented students shine on many playing fields. Including academics, professions, sports, culture and arts. More than 30 student awards at City, national and international levels
Nearly 1,700 new graduates graduated
The 40th graduation ceremony of nearly 1,700 graduates was lavishly invested. Of which, nearly 40% achieved good or excellent grades, 94.3% had jobs before graduating, many HSU students and former students are working and working for foreign companies. Graduation ceremony 40 was also the first time to witness the valedictorians perform the “final talk” ceremony to close 4 years of youth at Hoa Sen.
6 majors are accredited by FIBAA (Switzerland) and AUN-QA standards (Southeast Asia), bringing the total number of majors with international accreditation to 17
The school officially has 3 more majors that have passed FIBAA accreditation from Switzerland, and 3 majors that have met AUNQA standards – Association of Southeast Asian Universities. Successfully maintained 5 sectors that achieved ACBSP accreditation and NEAS accreditation for the English for international communication program, bringing the total number of sectors achieving international accreditation to 17 sectors.
Organize Career Guidance Program at 200 high schools
Last year, enrollment activities took place on all fronts. The student body, lecturers and staff participate in career guidance at nearly 200 high schools, helping students find suitable majors and learning environments.
More than 10,000 Tet gifts for students
On the occasion of the New Year 2024, the School continues to give more than 10,000 Tet gifts to students along with handwritten cards prepared by lecturers. With the message, “Exchanging values – keeping love warm”, the 2024 Tet gift is a gift for students to continue promoting the core values of an HSUer and keep their love for Hoa Sen forever.
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