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E-commerce and Digital Economy trainer training program in 2023

The first training program  for lecturers on e-commerce and digital economy  will create new steps in training in this field at higher education institutions in our country. The program is held in Hanoi, Da Nang and City. Ho Chi Minh on June 5, 7 and 9, 2023.

Developing high-quality human resources is one of the key factors to meet the strong development needs of e-commerce and the digital economy. For e-commerce, the National E-commerce Development Master Plan for the period 2021 – 2025 sets out the task of ” Training e-commerce knowledge and skills for teachers at universities and colleges.” and professional secondary schools, developing a network of lecturers and experts with experience in teaching and imparting knowledge and skills about e-commerce.” 

For higher education institutions, the National Strategy for developing the digital economy and digital society to 2025, with a vision to 2030, clearly states the task of ” Increasing the practical content in training of industrial majors”. digital technology, digital economy, digital society, introducing digital platforms, digital technology, especially Vietnamese digital platforms, open technology into training programs so that students can practice and practical approach ”.

Implementing the above tasks, the E-Commerce Association (VECOM) coordinated with the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) to organize a trainer training program on e-commerce and digital economy. . The Program’s goals include:

  1. Support lecturers in accessing new policies and trends in digital business and technology related to e-commerce training, support schools in adding and modifying training programs, lectures, and learning materials , internships and internships for students.
  2. Improve the quality of scientific research of lecturers, contribute to policy and law building activities on digital economy, e-commerce and e-commerce training.
  3. Tighten relationships between universities, promote cooperation in building and improving training programs, improving the quality of learning materials, and exchanging lecturers.
  4. Create links between universities with policy and law-making agencies, pioneering organizations and businesses in the field of e-commerce.

The program includes three training courses for lecturers teaching e-commerce, digital business, digital economy and related industries or majors taking place in Hanoi (June 5-6, 2023), Da Nang (June 5-6, 2023), Da Nang (June 5-6, 2023). June 7-8, 2023) and City. Ho Chi Minh (June 9-10, 2023). The first topic of this year’s Program is to exchange and discuss solutions to quickly introduce outstanding digital platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) into e-commerce and digital economy training programs. . The second topic is to discuss how current and expected policies and laws on digital economy and e-commerce affect the training program. The third topic and one that many schools are interested in is promoting cooperation between universities, management agencies, associations and businesses. The training format is interactive and open, encouraging exchange and debate between delegates, guests and presenters.

The program receives strong support from many agencies, organizations and businesses, including the Department of Digital Economy (Ministry of Information and Communications), Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC), Traffic, Shopee and other platforms. leading digital platforms as well as companies providing artificial intelligence solutions.

In particular, this Program is the result of close cooperation between the two organizing units and the Network of e-commerce training facilities (VecomNet). Established in mid-2022, up to now this Network has included 31 members who are pioneering universities in e-commerce training in our country.

Program participants include leaders of schools, faculties and lecturers teaching fields, majors or courses in e-commerce, digital business, digital economy, management information systems, and digital marketing. , logistics.Official dispatch to attend the training Program content Training program Registration form

Register before May 30, 2023, priority will be given to lecturers from schools in the VecomNet Network on the basis of Pre-registration – First consideration

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