Hoa Sen University

Media Production and Management

[“Audacious” direction for young people who love the creation and production of audiovisual media products]

Media Production and Management at Hoa Sen University is currently the only undergraduate program in Vietnam. The lecturing staff largely consists of international school graduates, as well as directors, creative directors, and art directors. In particular, many student productions receive awards in national and international film festivals.

Hoa Sen University is the first university in Vietnam to train in Media Production and Management. This is an attractive major for young people who are passionate aboutproducing and managing movies, radio–television programs, advertising and other audiovisual media products.

Media Production and Management covers the field comprehensively, from A to Z, combining many knowledge blocks of Management, Organization of Production of Audiovisual and Entertainment Media products. Students not only learn about cinematography, photography, and production editing, but also, but also training students to cover, synthesize and control projects such as short films, MVs, TV program production from concept to completion and bringing products to viewers.

Specifically, numerous courses require students to engage directly in creating media products, taking on roles such as director, producer, and cinematographer… In particular, the products of the subject project will be premiered to experts at EOS – the annual final film premiere. In addition, Furthermore, students organize actual events to learn about real activities and collide with career challenges.

An important advantage of Media Production and Management is the professional network of faculty and alumni. Students who have graduated and succeeded in their careers are willing to provide internships and career opportunities for their current students. This is part of the reason why the percentage of students in this field who get jobs right after graduation is always high.

The film “The Flag Ticket” was made by HSU Media Production and Management Students

The program aims to train managers in media production and management (production of films, radio programs, television, advertising films, multimedia and other modern media product genres) and audiovisual media business, capable of directly contributing to the development of the booming media sector in our country.


  • Skills in creating and managing audiovisual media productions (film, television, advertising…).
  • Competence in business administration of communication products such as researching audience tastes, communication planning, marketing and effective implementation of plans.
  • Communication skills, multimedia presentation, english use, project management, leadership skills, resource management.
  • Study directly at film sets, editing rooms, participate in radio, television, entertainment and film programs.
Discover the behind-the-scenes story of product production at EOS SUMMER 2023

Graduates can work in public or private units in the fields of media, newspaper advertising, television, cinema… with positions: Sponsorship Sales Specialist and Advertising Sales Specialist

  • Production Coordinator, Production Assistant, Production Executive
  • Production Manager (Production Manager or Line Producer) in the field of producing movies, TV shows, radio, TVC, MVs, multimedia content …
  • Media Content Creator
  • Communication Planner
  • Marketing Specialist for movies and entertainment programs
  • Sales Specialist in licensing movies, shows, channels
  • Sponsorship Sales Specialist
  • Advertising Sales Specialist
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