After the challenging battle of being streamed live on the Finance and Banking Faculty fanpage and online platform Quickom yesterday morning, January 10, 2023, the Behind the Data 2022 contest has found the winner.

The first prize of the Behind the Data 2022 data analysis contest went to Group 1 with the theme “Trade Credit Investment – Corporate Performance: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam”. Congratulations to the students whose presentations and critiques convinced the judges:

  1. Tran Thai Phuoc Huy
  2. Le Lam Ngoc Anh
  3. Tran Vuong Diem Suong
Group 1 won First Prize in the “Behind the Data” Contest

The second prize with the theme: “Impacts of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in Vietnam” did equally well with his presentation by the students:

  1. Bui Duy Thai Tin
  2. Chung Kim Hong
  3. Pham Minh Hoang
Group 3 won Second Prize in the “Behind the Data” Contest

Stopping at the Third Prize was Group 4 with the theme: “Effect of Qualified Auditor’s Opinion on Listed Company Shares Prices: Evidence from HOSE” by you:

  1. Nguyen Huy Hoang
  2. Le Thanh Nhan
  3. Vo Minh Luan
Group 4 won Third Prize in the “Behind the Data” Contest

And finally, two consolation prizes for Groups 2 and 5 with the themes of “Factors affecting the performance of listed real estate enterprises in Vietnam” and “Remuneration of the Board of Directors Affects Firm Value of the Listed Company in Vietnam (2016 – 2019)” by a group of friends:

  1. Nguyen Thi Xuan Giang (Group 2)
  2. Nguyen Hai Thanh Ha
  3. Hoang Thanh Thanh
  4. Nguyen Hong Yen Thu
  5. Nguyen Thuy Thuy Vi


  1. Chung Le Tuong Vy (Group 5)
  2. Nguyen Hoang Truc Anh
  3. Nguyen Tran Van Anh
  4. Bui Thi Huong Giang

Once again, we sincerely appreciate the presence of the judges, sponsors, guests, participating students, and the logistics club that organized the RIC program – Real Estate Investment Club.

Let’s take a look at some images of our past activities!

Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking gave the opening speech of the Behind the Data season 1 contest
Mr. Dinh Tien Hoang – Head of the Audit Department – at BDO Audit Company asked a question the team
The judges are focused on listening to the presentations of the teams
Students present their team’s performance
Students consult to answer questions
Students answer questions from the judges
Our friend Mun contributes a fun little performance
The judges deliberated to come up with the most convincing result
Ms. Tran Pham, Representative of ICEAW Sponsor shared her thoughts about the contest
Mr. Hung Pham – Director of Kien Long Bank shared his thoughts about the contest
MSc. Do Thi Le Thu – Program Director of Accounting – she and the teachers of the Faculty of Finance and Banking have always accompanied students in this competition.
Mr. Hung Pham gives gifts to students
Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Representative of the Faculty of Science and Technology presented souvenirs to the judges, sponsors, and media partners
Two charming MCs of the contest
Souvenir photos of students and BTC

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