[SCHOLARSHIP] CMA Scholarship for Students
Dear students, The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a globally recognized professional qualification issued by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It is the most prestigious professional organization in management accounting, with over 100 years of operation with more than 140,000 full members from more than 150 countries. Students who earn the CMA certification are ethical professionals with extensive expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support, recognized by multinational organizations. family and large corporations welcome. Hoa Sen University is one of the universities highly appreciated by IMA and grants 10 CMA scholarships. Conditions of the scholarship: – Is...
THE UNIVERSE IS TALKING TO YOU!! Let’s join this exciting workshop together, HSU-ers! We believe that students of the Faculty of Finance – Banking are familiar with the phrase “financial statements”. Although “financial statements” seem simple, identifying it can be challenging to some people? Is it easy to assess risk in a business? It is possible to identify an anomaly in the financial statements and if you don’t know how, don’t worry! The topic of this talkshow: “THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCOUNTING IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND CAREER PROSPECTS IN THE DIGITAL ERA” will help answer the hard questions so you can...
Faculty of Finance – Banking hosted the Finnobox 04 Seminar with the theme “Fintech & Smart City”
Finnovation is the first and largest national and periodic competition for innovative startups in the Financial Technology (Fintech) sector. The contest is also a project to support the Program “Bringing the wings of students to start-ups” launched by the Central Vietnam Student Association to build an innovative start-up ecosystem “Finnovation” that is internationally multi-fielded. Using technology and innovation as the means, taking the youth and students as the core, and relying on the interests of the community and society as the creative orientation; Building, expanding, and developing the Fintech sector to become a competitive advantage for Vietnam in the digital...
Workshop “Effective Cash Flow Management Strategies in SMEs”
Dear Beloved Students! On June 17, 2022, the Faculty of Banking and Finance organized a useful and interesting workshop which is the EFFECTIVE CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES IN SMEs workshop. WORKSHOP INFORMATION Coming to this workshop, we will hear valuable sharing from the speaker on how to manage cash flow in businesses – which can be considered as the “heart” – the determining element of the success or failure of an entire machine. GUEST INFORMATION Speaker Nguyen Minh Tuan – Managing Director /An Binh JSC; M&A Director/Awr Lloyd Investment. TIME AND LOCATION Time: 16h-18h on June 17, 2022 Venue: Hall...
The Professional Financial Analyst (PFA) Kick-off
The Professional Financial Analyst Contest is a contest organized by the Faculty of Finance and Banking of Hoa Sen University and the Hoa Sen Financial Analyst Club to bring the most practical experience about the job of a professional financial analyst in real life. To spread the information about The Professional Financial Analyst contest to students interested in the field of financial analysis, please take a moment to share information about the Kick-off meeting to announce the rules of the contest will take place at 8:45 am on Sunday, June 5, 2022, in the online form via Google Meet. The...
May 2022 Activity Highlights of Finance – Banking Faculty
The Smart Investor Contest 1.  Giáo dục Thời đại Newspaper 2.  Doanh nhân ngày nay Newspaper 3.  Doanh nghiệp & Phát triển Newspaper 4.  Tài chính cuộc sống Newspaper  Fintech and Smart City Talkshow 1.  Nhà đầu tư Newspaper 2.   Tài chính Cuộc sống Newspaper  3.  Doanh nghiệp và phát triển Newspaper  4. Khởi nghiệp quốc gia Newspaper HSU website: FFB website: FFB Fanpage: FFB Youtube: FFB Instagram:


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