Hoa Sen University

Program Description

1. Program Title

English for International Intergration.

2. Program Objective

The English Language Teaching Program (ELT) Program aims to equip non-English major students at Hoa Sen University (HSU) with a solid foundation of English skills, which assist them in advancing their specialized knowledge as well as general awareness and in communication within both domestic and international working environments.

3. Career Opportunities

Along with the specialized knowledge and skills, the English competencies, the perception of intercultural communication, and the professional manner of HSU non-English major students will become their significant advantages, aiding them in getting internships and working opportunities in leading enterprises of various industries. Therefore, students possess the precious conditions to develop and perfect themselves swiftly and comprehensively.

4. Program Details

The ELT Program is divided into 05 levels called English for International Communication (EII) 1 to 5. Additionally, the program offers well-designed, attractive, and practical extracurricular activities which correspond to each level in order to enhance students’ English speaking, listening, reading, writing skills as well as other crucial interpersonal skills.

5. Training Unit

The English for International Intergration Program is designed, instructed, and administered by the General English Program, Faculty of Languages – International Culture, Hoa Sen University.

6. Admission Requirements

To be eligible to apply for this program, students need to meet the requirements to pass the Vietnam National High School Graduation Examination and satisfy the requirements to be accepted into majors at HSU according to the university admission policies. 

7. Form of Training

Lectures and assignments for 04 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, including pair-group activities, role-playing activities, public speaking activities, and homework are 100% delivered in English.

8. Assessment and Evaluation

The grades of 05 EII levels in the General English Program are based on the scale of 10. From the academic year of 2020-2021, the common assessment rate for all levels is 40% coursework, 20% midterm grade, and 40% final grade.

9. Program Outcomes

Students who complete the EII levels 01 to 05 are expected to achieve level A1+ to B1+ of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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