Program Content

The program consists of 7 modules. Specifically:

1. International business environment:

Cultural and Historical Context
Global Business Environment
International Business Law
Business’ culture Overview
The practice of International Law

2. International communication:

English in Business
Second foreign language (French/Vietnamese) – Level 1
Intercultural negotiation skills
Information manage
Communication Market Information

3. Operating international activities:

Tariff Operations Management
Logistics Operations Management
Manage international payment activities
International Business
Manage workflows in an organization

4. Access to the international market:

International Market Development Plan
International Marketing
International Marketing for Luxury Brands
International Procurement Activity
International Marketing for Service Industry
International E-Business Model

5. Intensive market:

Foreign Language 2 (French/Vietnamese) – Level 2
Asian market research
China market research

6. Business plan

7. Graduation internship

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