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Introduction Psychology Program

1. General Introduction

The Department of Psychology – Hoa Sen University was established in the context of rapidly increasing social demand for human resources majoring in Psychology. 

With a commitment to leading quality and breakthroughs in training programs, the Department of Psychology aims to develop high-quality psychological human resources with standard professional ethical attitudes and competencies. Comprehensive expertise, high competitive advantage in the profession, the ability to integrate internationally, and lifelong learning.

Welcome Psychology Students Class of 2023

2. Vision and Mission of the Department

2.1. Vision

By 2020, it will become a unit that (i) trains, researches, and provides quality-focused psychological services, (ii) cooperates internationally, and (iii) serves the community based on science, humanistic, national, and liberal values.

2.2. Mission

Provide basic knowledge about physiology and psychology, effective intervention methods, research skills, and lifelong learning spirit; aims to train professionals capable of professional practice and imparting new knowledge;

We serve the community by providing quality psychological services based on professional ethics and international professional standards.

3. Functions and Objectives of the Department

3.1. Function:

–  Organizing formal undergraduate training in Psychology in an applied direction:

The Bachelor of Applied Psychology training program is designed to closely follow social needs, promote scientific research, and continuously update the most modern knowledge in Psychology. The program focuses on practice with students having the opportunity to study and practice at the Psychological Counseling Center managed by the Department;

The Department of Psychology is currently training students according to the Bachelor of Psychology training program with 2 majors: Career Counseling and Therapy Counseling;

The program receives advice and teaching participation from a team of quality lecturers trained in Vietnam and from the US, UK, Germany, France, Thailand, and New Zealand… including a team of full-time lecturers. including 2 doctors, 5 masters, and other psychologists studying in graduate programs at home and abroad.

The training program has the participation of international psychologists

– Carry out scientific research to serve social and educational development, and improve the quality of education and training.

– Serve the community

To meet the need to improve the quality of life and social skills of the Hoa Sen collective and the community, the Psychological Consulting Center managed by the Department was established in 2014 and became a Scientific Association: Hoa Sen Psychology – Education in 2015. The Center has been renamed the Institute for Research and Consulting on Psychological Solutions with psychological consulting services, mental health assessment, and development consulting services. Develop and organize coaching and training courses for individuals and groups.

Students on a field trip

3.2. Target

– Complete and improve the training program with the participation of experts with rich training experience and high professional qualifications at home and abroad.

– Carry out applied research projects in Psychology.

– Organize scientific conferences to help scientists publish research results to exchange information and experiences for training and the community.

– Organize many forms and types of training to provide knowledge and skills in (i) psychological counseling, (ii) psychotherapy, and (iii) organizational psychology – human resource management All subjects need to train and improve their qualifications and skills.

4. Bachelor of Psychology Training Program:  Link 

5. Contact information

– Room 710, No. 08 Nguyen Van Trang, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

– Phone: (028)7309 1991 – Ext: 11584

– Email:  thamvantamly@hoasen.edu.vn

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