Hoa Sen University

Bachelor of Law

For a long time, the work of the Law major has no longer been framed only in state agencies such as procuracies, judicial departments or courts, but today, Law graduates can also work at companies, private enterprises and foreign organizations working in Vietnam. At Hoa Sen University, Law is one of the new majors invested not only in facilities but also focused on training quality with the spirit of “real learning”.

  • The law training program is highly appreciated by the Appraisal Council (who are experts in the legal field) based on inheriting advanced training programs of law training institutions throughout the country and abroad.
  • The subjects in the training program are highly applicable in line with the current integration trend.
  • Theoretical classes alternate practice, mock trials give students the most realistic environment for the profession.

The Bachelor of Law program equips students with the foundational knowledge of specialized legal science in constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, criminal law, business law, international law… in recognizing and solving professional problems in work practice.

With good lecturing staff and modern teaching methods, students understand and apply in-depth knowledge in the fields of law to analyze, synthesize and solve specific legal issues, apply the basic knowledge blocks of the industry group on theory-history, state and law as well as some social-human sciences The other literature deals with theoretical and practical issues related to the training industry.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to experience professionally when doing internships in the future at many Law Offices, Notary Offices, State Agencies, Courts, Arbitration Centers, Law Consulting Firms, and especially trips abroad to visit famous Law Offices – Firms.

Law graduates can take on a number of job positions such as:

  • Judges work in court.
  • Controllers work at the Procuracy, the role of controllers is most evident in the field of criminal offences.
  • Lawyer.
  • Notaries working in state notary offices; Legal Counselor.
  • Legal experts participate in law-related jobs at agencies, enterprises, organizations…
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