Hoa Sen University

Welcome new students of the 2019 Class of Faculty of Design and Art

On behalf of the pedagogical team of the Faculty of Design and Art, I welcome you to Hoa Sen University, where we will spend 4 years of study and also the final training place before you leave. into life and integrate into the working environment.

Hoa Sen University is a dynamic multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary school in Ho Chi Minh City. The school currently has nearly 500 staff members and over 15,000 students from College to Master’s level are studying.
As an in-depth training unit in Art and Communication Design, the Faculty of Design and Art always clearly defines its mission and responsibility in training high-quality, professional and dynamic human resources. and creatively meet social needs in the field of design and audiovisual communication.

The faculty of the Faculty of Design and Art work closely with experts with many years of experience from domestic and international enterprises, not only as instructors but also as trusted advisors and mentors. friendly, always accompanies you on the path of pursuing your passion and creating a solid future.

The new environment at university will certainly be very different from when you were in grade 12 and you will gradually get used to it. Here we are a companion to guide you on your own path. A place where you will be committed to academics based on the spirit of liberal education, the spirit of self-study to develop yourself and enrich the culture.

You are not only the future but also the present of Vietnam and the world. Maintain and develop a green lifestyle, protect the environment, aim at living a humane life, creatively design to serve the community and enrich socio-cultural life – “Learning to understand- Learning to innovation – Learning to serve”. This is also the training topic and activity of the Faculty of Design and Art in the 2019-2020 school year.

Wish you luck, success and exciting youth years at the Faculty of Design and Art, Hoa Sen University.

Best regards,

Từ Phú Đức

Dean of

Faculty of Design and Art, Hoa Sen University

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