Hoa Sen University

Cooperation for training MBA Program between Hoa Sen University and a German University

Hoa Sen University (HSU) and SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University (SRH – Germany) have just signed the Contract Agreement in the field of graduate training.

With this cooperation, both institutions will jointly deploy the Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA) program, which is conducted entirely through the online platform. Specifically, the entire academic program, as well as the teaching personnel, will be undertaken by SRH. After completing the training program, HSU students will be awarded degrees by SRH.

SRH is one of the dominant universities for online training in the field of applied sciences, recognized by the German government with 25 years of experience in delivering bachelor’s, master’s as well as short-term courses online in fields such as Economics and Management, Health and Social Sciences, Communication, Psychology, Information Technology,…

With the MBA program delivered by SHR through cooperation with HSU, students will have the opportunity to access a world-class German training program. By obtaining an MBA from a German university, learners will have the opportunity to access the labor market in both Germany and the EU.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a vivid example of the importance of online training. SRH is proud to contribute to the development of the world economy with quality German online education. We are delighted to be a strategic partner with HSU to bring these training programs closer to Vietnamese learners”, said Professor Ottmar Schneck – President and CEO of SRH.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of HSU, Dr. Phan Thi Vietnam – Vice-President also expressed her pleasure to witness the intimate cooperation relationship between the two institutions and expected the training programs delivered by SRH to be soon implemented. 

Emphasizing labor opportunities for Vietnamese students under the context of globalization, Dr. Berndt Tilp – Director of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Ho Chi Minh City highly appreciated the efforts of SRH and HSU in applying for technological advances in higher education and training. “This will be an open door to help learners become more outstanding in the competitive domestic as well as international labor market.”

Oriented to an international standard university, HSU has been seeking and cooperating with global prestigious universities to provide high-quality training programs to local students as well as Asian students.

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