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Institute of Education and Global Engagement (hereinafter referred to as the “IEGE”) is the functional unit of counseling the Board of Directors on strategies and directly executing Training and International Relations activities.

Principal duties include building and implementing cooperative relations in academic exchange as well as training cooperation; establishing and preserving partnership with diplomatic missions; enhancing the HSU position in order to stimulate strategic plans applicable to Training and International Relations.

Deputy Director | Institute of Education and Global Engagement

Email: thuan.nguyenvan@hoasen.edu.vn

Phone: 028.7309 1991 – 11.283

Mr. Nguyen Van Thuan has a background in Education and Social Work with the main focus on Community Development, International relations, and Educational Management. He earned a Master’s degree in Social Work at Flinders University (Australia) awarded by the Australian Government and an international certificate in Child Development awarded by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thuan has extensive experience in both managerial positions in several working areas, including non-government, civil society, education, and international relations.

At the Institute of Education and Global Engagement – Hoa Sen University, Mr. Thuan is in charge of the work of international cooperation, which helps to facilitate the collaboration and connections with the best universities and institutions from across the globe to advance the education missions of Hoa Sen University.


mail: hanh.caohoang@hoasen.edu.vn

Phone: 028.73091991 – 11.249

Ms. Cao Hoang Hanh holds a background in French linguistics. She also obtained an MBA degree accredited by CFVG, Vietnam, and KEDGE BS respectively.

In the Institute of Education and Global Engagement, she is in charge of promoting, coordinating, and developing student mobility programs, optimizing the quality and the experience for both HSU and international students from its partner institutions. She helps students to participate in various courses and cultural activities within the academic environment as well as student lifestyles abroad. As a consequence, they not only gain valuable knowledge but also shape their skills in order to become global citizens before graduating from Hoa Sen University.

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