Hoa Sen University

Program Description


The Bachelor of Japanese Studies program is an interdisciplinary training program that equips students with knowledge of Japanese history, culture, society, institutions, and forms of expression of Japanese society. Correlation with the surrounding world and the context of globalization. The program offers many experiential opportunities for students to flexibly apply their knowledge in studying, researching, and working after graduation. Language skills, lifelong learning, and respect for cultures are also developed through training.

Program Objectives

  1. Training Bachelor’s degree in Japanese studies with political qualities, professional ethics, and the ability to work well in the environment related to Japan;
  2. Equipping students with general knowledge about the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences while providing in-depth knowledge about Japan;
  3. Equipping students with a high level of Japanese, capable of studying to a higher level and working in an international environment related to Japan;
  4. Train and develop students’ ability to apply the knowledge they have learned in professional practice related to Japan.
  5. Train students in working skills in facilities related to Japan.

Career opportunities

– Research staff, lecturers, full-time officers at agencies related to Japan (Ministry of Education & Training, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Home Affairs…), localities, businesses, international organizations at home and abroad, research institutes (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences), central and local radio and television stations, press agencies, information ton…)

– Working at foreign embassies located in Vietnam, international organizations (such as UNDP, UNESCO …), travel companies, private and foreign enterprises located in Vietnam, organizations international funds in Vietnam such as Japan Foundation; Toshiba Foundation…

– After graduating, students majoring in Japanese studies can continue to improve their professional qualifications at home and abroad.

In addition, students majoring in Japanese studies can also receive scholarships to study for masters and doctoral degrees abroad.

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