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Chinese Language Studies Training Program

The B.A program in Chinese Language help students possess deep knowledge of language, culture, society, economics, politics, diplomacy, law, etc. It equips students with specialized knowledge, professional skills, and IT proficiency. Moreover, it instills ethical values, professional demeanor, and good health to effectively work in professional fields that require the use of the Chinese language, meeting the workforce demands of Vietnamese society and economy during the international integration process.


  • Dynamic and dedicated Lecturer: The program boasts a team of dynamic and dedicated teaching staff, holding Doctoral and Master’s degrees from both domestic and international institutions, with strong expertise and rich experience. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn and improve language skills with foreign teachers throughout their studies.
  • Advanced teaching and learning methods: Utilizing advanced teaching and learning methods, frequent interaction helps students develop their independent and creative thinking, enhance learning ability, process information skill and problem solving skill to adapt to the 4.0 era.
  • Diverse career opportunities: The program provides students with numerous career opportunities in various fields and the flexibility to transition between industries.
  • Extracurricular activities: Students have the chance to participate in and organize various large-scale events or extracurricular activities led by the HSU Chinese Language Club.
  • Short-term field trips abroad: Opportunities for short-term field trips abroad during summer or spring semesters
  • Streamlined program duration and fixed tuition fees: The program offers a concise curriculum over 3.5 years and commits to fixed tuition fees throughout the study period.
  • Internship opportunities: HSU has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with 18 prestigious universities in Taiwan, China. Additionally, HSU has established partnerships with the The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam, providing students with opportunities to intern at domestic and international enterprises.
  • Employment opportunities: Graduates from the Chinese Language Studies program can pursue careers in various fields such as translation, tour guiding, teaching Chinese, assistantship, foreign affairs, or any job requiring Chinese language proficiency.


The B.A. program in Chinese Language Studies equips students with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language and culture through various specialized courses: Advanced Translation, Literature, Interpretation Skills, Translation Skills, etc.

The program also focuses on training students to develop soft skills, independence, and understanding of the local, domestic, or international environment, where Chinese is used as a foreign language or an international language.

Furthermore, the program provides opportunities for learning and practical experiences through projects, competitions, Chinese Language Clubs, helping students develop language skills, communication, and profound understanding of the business and social environment in China.


a. General Knowlegde

  • Marxist-Leninist Philosophy and Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology: 11 credits
  • Social Sciences: 03 credits
  • Mathematics – Information Techonology – Natural Sciences – Technology – Environment: 03 credits
  • Foreign Language 2: 8 credits (English)

b. Specialized Educational Knowledge

  • Fundamental Knowledge: 24 credits
  • Core Knowledge: 19 credits
  • Concentration Knowledge: 27 credits
  • Compulsory Elective Courses: 06 credits
  • Module Project: 04 credits
  • Optional Supportive Courses: 06 credits
  • Graduation: 09 credits


a. Fundamental Knowledge

  • Have a liberty spirit, understand issues related to politics and law, national defense and security, and maintain physical fitness for lifelong learning

b. Specialized Educational Knowledge

  • Master and understand core concepts, terminologies, and theories about the Chinese language, culture, and nation to be able to work and continue learning at a higher level.
  • Acquire and master specialized knowledge in the field of commerce and services such as marketing, customer service, public relations, or in the field of diplomacy, translation, teaching, etc., in correlation with language proficiency, thereby developing work capabilities in diverse commercial contexts.

c. General Skills

  • Proficiently use Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in all social, academic, and professional situations at the B2 level (CEFR) or equivalent to level 4 (Vietnam’s 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework). Additionally, students are also trained to enhance their proficiency in the second foreign language, English

d. Professional Skills

  • Ability to develop and continuously enhance academic and professional skills to remain adaptable to practical situations through effective and astute application of Chinese language knowledge, Chinese language skills, cultural understanding, and reasoning capabilities in diverse work environments.
  • Design and implement a comprehensive plan by applying appropriate methods and techniques to address clearly identified issues in the fields of commerce and communication, events, aiming to achieve measurable results.

e. Autonomy and Responsibility Competency

  • Demonstrate a spirit of respect for diversity and the abilities of critical thinking, creativeness, independence, and solving problem in both work and life.
  • Identify the need to enhance one’s own level to keep up with the development of social politics, science, technology, and specialized knowledge, with high adaptability in a constantly changing society.


Graduates in Chinese Language Studies can undertake various positions such as:

  • Diplomatic officer in diplomatic agencies;
  • Interpreter and translator;
  • Chinese language teacher at language centers, primary schools, high schools, etc.;
  • Assistant in international cooperation projects, foreign representative offices using Chinese language;
  • Opportunities for further education or studying abroad.
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