Hoa Sen University



Program Introduction

The Master of English Language Training program focuses on improving knowledge regarding the nature and structure of the English language and its applications in teaching and learning contexts, social interactions, and intercultural communication.

The MA program includes 15 courses and a thesis (60 credits):

•    General course: Philosophy (4 credits)

•    Core courses (7 courses # 21credits): Students access compulsory knowledge of issues in using the English Language and research methods. At the same time, students will come to the elective knowledge they are interested in relating to linguistic structure, language in interaction (such as discourse or pragmatics), and language in cross-culture.

•   Professional courses (7 courses # 21credits): The program meets the students’ in-depth study needs for either of the two concentrations: English Language Teaching or Translation Studies.

•   Thesis: 14 credits.

Duration of the program: 24 months, depending on personal conditions, the time to study until the successful protection of the thesis can be up to 48 months.

Program certified by: Ministry of Education and Training

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