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On September 17, 2020, a group of lecturers including Nguyen Thanh Van and Tu Minh Tri conducted a thematic report “Applied anthropology in personnel recruitment” at Campus Quang Trung 2 with more than other 12 lecturers attending. The purpose of this topic is to present the value of understanding and applying anthropology to help the recruitment process be more convenient and to select candidates faster and with more references to evaluate the application. Based on documents including the East and the West, as well as the combination of two streams of views on the issue of anthropology to draw general conclusions about the specific content presented on:

  • The recruitment process and recruitment activities can apply anthropology techniques such as screening CVs, preliminary interviews, and face-to-face interviews…
  • A number of methods such as handwriting, looking at facial features, and the candidate’s personality expressed through the handwriting as well as the expressions on the facial features will help the interviewer to identify the candidate’s personality to determine whether Is it suitable for the position you are applying for?

The presentation is based on the results of the actual research and the participants are also given hands-on practice to see the authenticity of this application. And results:

In terms of advantages: is a tool to identify candidates’ personalities quickly and reasonably In terms of disadvantages: it is the conclusion of the researcher through actual cases and references and no verified scientific theory.

It is agreed by the participating lecturers to form a subject because of its value.

Finally, Master Nguyen Thanh Van presented, now business owners are very interested in this issue because they can prove their vision of people, and hope we can develop it into knowledge for students.

Author: Master Nguyen Thanh Van & Master Tu Minh Tri

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