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Sports Economics

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Hoa Sen University proudly stands as the first and only university in Vietnam offering a bachelor’s program in Sports Economics, designed to equip students with professional skills and competencies in Sports Economics, Sports Management, and Business; including management and operation of sports clubs, financial advising and sports market operations, as well as media management and sports event organization, among others. This program is ahead of its time, aligning with the strong economic and social development in Vietnam and globally. The program is suitable for those who are interested in the business field related to the sports and health market.

International quality tests and certificates have been achieved:

Several Learning Topics

  • Supervise and manage the operations of sports organizations and sports product trading units;
  • Assess risks in sporting events and propose solutions to problems within the organization and the community;
  • Develop marketing plans in the sports business and propose media plans for sports events;
  • Planning staff development and building work processes in sports organizations and sports business units;
  • Develop a sports event plan or a business plan, manage sports economic activity models.
Launching Ceremony of Hoa Sen University’s Department of Sports Economics

Job Opportunities

After graduation, students have the opportunity to start their own businesses or work in various sectors such as sports product and service providers, sports associations, centers, clubs, schools, and media companies, among others. Students can take on many attractive job positions such as:

  • Sports Business Manager;
  • Sales and Management Professional for gyms and professional sports clubs;
  • Specialist in the management of sports facilities in hotels and resorts;
  • Sales manager of sports equipment and goods;
  • Specialist in management and business of sports facilities, school sports clubs;
  • Sports market research and negotiation specialist;
  • Sports event organizer;
  • Business specialist for events, conferences and seminars.

Strategic Partners

  • Juventus Academy
  • CitiGym
  • Vietnam Taekwondo Federation
  • Vietnam Yoga Federation
  • Sport Intelligence JSC.
  • Hoa Sen Sports Center

Expert Insight:

In countries like the US, China, Germany, England, and France, sports are considered an economic sector akin to other sectors. The Sports Economics industry contributes 2-2.5% of GDP. Sports activities create jobs, income and bring in large amounts of revenue compared to many other professions. In Vietnam, sports is considered a non-economic, non-business field of social activities…

Mr. Mai Ba Hung, the Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Communications, spoke at the Sports Economics Conference at HSU.

A video clip introducing the Sports Economics at HSU

Livestreams introduce Sports Economics

  • Livestream “Starting a business in the field of Sports Economics” June 15, 2023″:
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