Hoa Sen University

Bachelor of Event Management


The Event Management program is built on a foundation of quality education, with a team of lecturers with expertise, practical experience, and commitment to high output. Students will have access to the latest technology, adaptability to contemporary event trends, and business management aspects of the field. The program not only focuses on training professional skills but also stimulates creativity, multitasking skills, and management thinking for learners.

In addition, we also create conditions for students to practice and participate in highly applicable projects to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice. With support from faculty and a network of corporate partners, students will have the opportunity to develop their skills and create innovative projects in the domestic and international events industry.

Why choose our program?

  • Students learn and gain practical experience through film/stage studio visits and participating in reality programs with a variety of event types.
  • Courses are organized in the form of projects to help students have the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects of the University or or to create and operate their own projects.
  • The teaching staff are academic experts and senior managers in the industry.
  • Diverse training methods through practical learning, workshops, business experiences, and event organization.
  • Tuition incentives up to 20,000,000 VND for students achieving IELTS 6.0
  • Experts in the field advise on the roadmap for learning, doing, and developing your work.
0 Years Bachelor’s degree program
0% Specialized subjects ensure practical elements
0% Taught by business experts and lecturers with extensive experience in the field
0 Sessions Internship at leading agencies/event businesses/production companies
0% Students get jobs right after their graduation

Program Structure

  • Introduction to Tourism – Hospitality and Events
  • English for International Integration
  • Management and Business Ethics
  • Marxist-Leninist Political Economy
  • Microsoft Office – Level A
  • Risk Management and Visitor Safety
  • Catering for Event
  • Introduction to International Business
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Customer Behavior
  • Tourism Political System And Legal Documents
  • Applied Statis
  • Foreign Language 2 (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French)
  • Work Experience Internship
  • Copywriting in Events
  • Staging Design, Event Operation and Production
  • M.I.C.E Management
  • Events and Sponsors Management
  • Finance and Budget Control in Event
  • Human Resource Development Service Industry
  • Event Hospitality
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Strategic Management
  • Project of Hospitality Management Programs
  • Information Technology in Tourism
  • Graduation Internship

Education Methods

Hoa Sen University is a university without podiums with an educational philosophy aimed at creating people with a free spirit, responsibly using freedom, independent thinking, and accepting diversity. And difference. This is clearly shown in the educational method of the Hotel Management program, especially in the application of diverse and specific teaching forms.

Training methods include:

  • Lecture
  • Case Study
  • Problem Solving
  • Project-based learning
  • Simulations
  • Role Playing
  • Service Learning
  • Guest Lecture
  • Group-Based Learning
  • Debate
  • Discussion
  • Field trip

Career Opportunities

Master Study Opportunity

The Bachelor of Hotel Management program at Hoa Sen University is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, creating opportunities for qualified students to study master’s courses iboth domestically and abroad, such as:

  • Master of Tourism (Master of Tourism)
  • Master of Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)
  • Master of Natural Sciences (Master of Science – MSc)

Enrollment Methods

  • Method 1: Admission based on the results of the National High School Examination
  • Method 2: Admission based on high school transcript
  • Method 3: Admission based on specific conditions required by the major
  • Method 4: Admission based on the results of the National University Competence Assessment.

Industrial Partners

Students Activities

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