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[EN] Fintech

Major Code


Entry Requirement

A00, A01, D01/D03, D09

Educational program goals
The Fintech Program (undergraduate level) trains students with moral qualities, a sense of service to the country, health, knowledge and professional practice capacity commensurate with the training level, meet social needs and international integration.

Detail program objectives:

  1. Knowledge: Providing students with basic, modern and practical knowledge in the field of technology – finance, helping students have in-depth knowledge and ability to apply technology in the field of finance – banking. From there, students can orient their careers in businesses and financial institutions locally as well as globally.
  1. Skills:
  • Provide basic knowledge and expertise in banking and finance, information technology and financial technology;
  • Develop creative capacity, ability to use foreign languages ​​in professional activities or common social issues;
  • Provide financial theories and their applications as well as technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence that can create innovation in financial activities;
  • Improve the ability to strategic planning, information system management, data analysis management, risk management and analysis, technology project management;
  • Equipped with the ability to advise and support leaders on the ability to apply technology – finance to business activities, develop new financial technology products and policies on the technology – finance market .
  1. Attitude:
  • Infusing culture and applying ethical values ​​for students to practice integrity, discipline, optimism and curiosity
  • Students adhere to professional ethical standards when entering the financial technology field
  1. Foreign language and computer skills:
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills in foreign languages ​​and information technology to achieve output standards in foreign languages ​​and informatics.
  • Ability to study at a higher level.
  • Training global citizens, capable of working in the country as well as abroad.

Program outcomes
Graduating from the FINTECH program (undergraduate level), students achieve the following output standards:

  1. Knowledge
    – Have a general knowledge of social sciences, law, foreign languages, and information technology to develop cognitive capacity, research capacity, and lifelong learning.
    – Able to apply the basic knowledge of the economic sector in starting a business, organizing activities and solving problems arising in professional practice.
    – Having basic knowledge and financial skills to apply in business.…
  2. Skills
    – Identify economic and financial transactions, analyze financial statements of businesses and banks. From there, can advise on short-term as well as long-term financial strategies;
    – Use financial tools to manage financial activities, build effective investment portfolios, use derivatives in risk management of enterprises (such as futures contracts, forward contracts, swap contracts, option contracts);
    – Use data mining and analytics applications to analyze, mine, and manage financial data and forecast the activities of businesses, financial institutions, and financial markets;
    – Build strategy, formulate, design, organize, implement and manage activities related to the application of information technology in the financial – banking sector as well as solving related problems in the field of banking and finance;
    – Proficiently apply knowledge, tools and methods for technicians as well as administrators to self-invest in start-up projects in the field of technology – finance;
    – Proficiently apply knowledge, tools and methods for technicians as well as financial administrators to collect, analyze and synthesize the essential needs of financial technologies. From there, forming technology ideas as well as programming information technology application software in the field of finance – banking;
  3. Autonomy capacity and responsibility
    – Comply with financial technology professional ethical standards. Comply with business rules and regulations and state laws. Have a professional working style, have professional responsibility, progressive and enthusiastic.
    – Having high awareness and self-study skills to access new knowledge suitable for career and social development. Ability to flexibly adapt to new situations.
    – Capable of evaluating and improving professional activities on a medium scale.
  4. Career opportunities
    Fintech graduates can work in the following positions:
  • Specialist in strategic planning, information system management, data analysis administrator, risk management and analysis, technology project manager at financial technology companies, technology development companies technology and software, financial companies, insurance companies, commercial banks and companies providing services to the financial market, government agencies;
  • Specialist in digital platform development and digital strategy initiatives at financial institutions;
  • Specialist in strategic planning, management and control of the financial system at trading, service, manufacturing companies… companies, financial institutions, state agencies;
  • Product and service development specialist at financial technology companies, technology and software development companies, financial companies, commercial banks and service providers to the market. financial schools, state agencies;
  • Lecturer in Fintech, Finance – Banking;…
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