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Currently, economic development associated with environmental balancing activities is an inevitable trend and also an important criterion to evaluate sustainable development. Activities from the Logistics industry are becoming the agents affecting the environment, and the Logistics industry is pioneering in environmental protection. To facilitate students to learn and update those trends, the Faculty of Logistics and International Trade has coordinated with ASSIST (Philippines) and Logistics Group – Bollore (France) to jointly deploy the BEST course with The theme is “Quality, Safety and Working Environment Management (QHSE) for Logistics – International Trade”.

The benefits you will get from taking the course:

  • Knowledge of QHSE (Quality, Safety and Work Environment Management).
  • Understand the tools that support quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management in the Logistics and International Trade industry.
  • Update practice, new knowledge according to the “current trend” of the Logistics and International Trade industry.
  • Received a training certificate from the Company/Corporate after the Course (Support for scholarship consideration or job CV).

This is a FREE course for Hoa Sen students, especially those who love Logistics and International Trade.

Course Information:

  • Introduction launch: 14h00 -15h30 April 22, 2022.
  • Location: Room 204 – Campus Nguyen Van Trang.
  • Training time: Estimated 10 sessions (4 hours each session).
    (Time information will be announced later)
  • Registration link: https://forms.gle/VNDpMZkLndPGjJui7
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