An explosive Sen-ers event took place yesterday at Minh Khai High School – That’s HOA SEN TOUR 2022!!

Immersed in the atmosphere of Hoa Sen Tour 2022, students of the Faculty of Logistics – International Trade brought the spirit, enthusiasm and unique “handmade” items, contributing to adorn the festival more special and successful. Visiting FLITFAMILY’s booth, Gen Z students had the opportunity to experience interesting activities such as participating in hexagrams to predict the future, writing wishes, hanging wishes and games. Small game about knowledge of FLIT Faculty.

And the most special thing, FLIT was extremely honored to receive THE MOST FAKE DECORATION OF FACULTY BOOTH – a lovely achievement that the FLIT family has achieved together.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures of the FLIT-ERS in the last special festival.

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