On September 3, 2020, a group of lecturers including Tran Thi Ut, Ho Trung Thao, and Nguyen Duy Truong, Business Administration Program, presented two reports at the opening ceremony of the Faculty’s weekly seminar every Thursday.

The first presentation focused on the ability to combine two courses into one new course. Lecturer Nguyen Duy Truong went through the overview of why it is necessary to combine two subjects Business Project 01 and Business Project 02, into a new subject called “Thiết lập Kế hoạch Kinh doanh” for the Vietnamese code, and “Business SetUp and Planning” for the English code.

This was followed by a presentation by lecturer Ho Trung Thao summarizing the statistics from the two courses Business Project 01 and Business Project 02 in the past two academic years and analyzing the good and bad points as well as the weaknesses of the two courses. In general, these two courses have helped students better understand the realities and difficulties that businesses face when drafting a business plan.

But with the speed of development in business and in the field of education as the country’s economy is increasingly internationally integrated, and most importantly, Business Project 01 is no longer taught, a new course will be necessary not only to ensure the content of the series of these two courses but also to promote new learning points as well as overcome the weaknesses of the two old courses. That was the detailed presentation of lecturer Nguyen Duy Truong about the proposal and preliminary plan for the new course which is counted as four (04) credits. Finally, Dr. Tran Thi Ut summarized the complementarity of this course with the Entrepreneurship Industry that the Faculty of Management and Business is preparing to open, and Dr. Ut is the head of the project.

The presentation was analyzed and contributed by the lecturers of the Faculty of Management and Business to build the new course, if approved, to be practical and resemble the report at the consulting enterprises, contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning at Hoa Sen, as well as accompanying enterprises to train future business leaders.

Similarly, the second report, conducted by lecturer Nguyen Duy Truong, presented a new trend for the business/trade/investment linkage model that has been established for many years but has not yet been noticed properly in Vietnam. This business association model has the potential to greatly influence the Vietnamese economy in the future; understanding it will help Hoa Sen students have a more insightful and realistic understanding of the dynamic international business environment. If opened, this will be a subject taught for the first time at a non-public university in Vietnam.

As with the first presentation, this second report also received candid but constructive input from the participating colleagues. Although the original plan was to teach only in English because there were not many materials in Vietnamese, the meeting discussed and agreed to open this new subject in both Vietnamese and English to increase learning opportunities for students, as well as upgrade the quality of training programs at Hoa Sen.

Presentation Group

MSc. Nguyen Duy Truong, MSc. Ho Trung Thao, Dr. Tran Thi Ut

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