Hoa Sen University


Major Code


Entry Requirement

A00, A01, D01/D03, D09

Program overview
The accounting program trains learners with political and ethical qualities, a sense of service to the people, knowledge and professional practice capacity commensurate with their training level, ensuring they are healthy and meet the requirements for the construction and defense of the Fatherland. Specifically, the undergraduate accounting training program demonstrates the following educational objectives:

  • Students have the ability to analyze and flexibly apply general economic knowledge, specialized knowledge and skills in accounting, auditing, finance and banking into practical activities at enterprises.
  • Students actively improve specialized knowledge, professional skills, in-depth research ability, and update knowledge of accounting, auditing, tax, finance… according to current regulations.
  • Students have proficient application skills in informatics and foreign languages ​​in professional work. At the same time, have good communication skills, independent ability in analysis and problem solving, and effective teamwork skills.
  • Students have the ability to strive high at work, strive in professional development, compete and gain valuable professional certificates, participate in activities in professional organizations of Accounting, Auditing, Tax…
    Students master and strictly comply with regulations and professional ethical standards of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation of Vietnam and internationally, understanding and respecting diverse differences in a multicultural environment. contribute to promoting the sustainable development of society and the world.

Program outcomes
Graduating from the Bachelor of Accounting program, students achieve the following output standards

1. Professional attitude and ethics
– Comply with professional ethical standards of accounting and auditing: must perform accounting and auditing work according to the techniques and professional standards specified in Vietnamese accounting and auditing standards and regulations. regulations of the Professional Association and current legal regulations.
– Comply with business rules and regulations and state laws.

2. Professional competence
– Developing and giving business plans in line with the State’s micro and macro economic policies.
– Performing financial accounting: completely handling the main accounting functions in the enterprise from detailed accounting to general accounting, including the following contents: making vouchers, making accounting books and making accounting reports.
– Performing management accounting: classifying and managing costs, analyzing cost-volume-profit relationships, making estimates, evaluating business performance, analyzing profit fluctuations, using Use appropriate information in selecting business options.
– Preparing financial statements, audit reports, tax reports … in accordance with the provisions of the system of legal documents on accounting, auditing, tax of Vietnam and internationally.
– Analyzing financial statements, management accounting reports, audit reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the enterprise’s use of capital and assets, develop financial plans, forecast risks and make recommendations. investment decisions, suitable business strategies for enterprises.
– Building internal control process (control short-term assets, long-term assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses…)
Audit of items of financial statements.
– Ability to analyze, evaluate and implement organizational solutions, complete the financial accounting information system, management accounting, internal control system of the enterprise.
– Formulating and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects for small and medium-sized enterprises.
– Having proficient office computer application skills, being able to organize accounting databases, using application software for accounting, auditing and financial work.

3. The ability to integrate and learn for life
– Organize financial accounting information system, management accounting information system, internal control system suitable to the size and field of operation of the enterprise, providing appropriate information for inspection, evaluation, make business decisions in the most timely and effective manner.
– Having a TOEIC 550 certificate, capable of using Vietnamese and English in accounting, auditing, finance, tax and studying specialized documents.
– Ability to cooperate and assign accounting, auditing, tax, and financial work with members of the department and departments in the enterprise.
– Ability to collect, process information, apply new methods and current regulations in the field of accounting, auditing, tax, finance of Vietnam and internationally.
– Love and strive for career development, participate in activities of professional organizations, strive to obtain professional certificates at home and abroad such as CPA, ACCA, Tax practice certificate…
– Participating in preserving and protecting the ecological environment;
– Respect the diverse differences in a multicultural environment, take initiative and make efforts in improving the working environment in a positive direction.

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