Hoa Sen University

Real Estates and Property

Major Code


Entry Requirement

A00, A01, D01/D03, D09

General objective

The Bachelor program in Property, majoring in Property investment and business, train students with good political qualities; who have moral character, social responsibility; have basic, modern and practical knowledge of investing and trading in real estate; have in-depth knowledge in Analysis and commentary on Investment and Business of the real estate market; have an innovative, proactive and independent scientific mindset in all working positions in the real estate sector; capable of self-study, research and fostering to improve their qualifications.

Detailed Goal: Knowledge

Basic knowledge: The property bachelor is equipped with basic knowledge of university-level general education, basic knowledge blocks related to economics, administration, finance and business, basic knowledge of information technology and foreign languages.

Major knowledge: The real estate bachelor has a firm grasp of advanced, specialized and modern knowledge about:

+ Financial analysis in valuation and real estate investment.

+ Operations related to real estate business.

+ Interdisciplinary knowledge of economics – management – real estate.

+ Additional knowledge related to Property investment and business.

+ Practical knowledge and practical internships in the real estate industry. Have the skills to apply that knowledge to practical professional activities; have the ability to work independently, think creatively and be capable of detecting and solving real estate problems:

+ Business start-up and creation and operation of real estate investment and development companies; real estate service companies;

+ Develop and organize the implementation of strategies, policies, plans, and projects on real estate business;

+ Perform professional operations in business investment, financial investment and real estate services;

+ Ability to analyze in-depth real estate market and policies.

Skills: A bachelor’s degree in Property investment and business is trained in professional skills to be ready to work in a competitive domestic and international environment, such as:

– Skills of proficient application of the specialized knowledge system:

+ Skills to create and operate real estate investment and development companies, real estate service companies;

+ Skills in building strategies, organizing and implementing real estate business activities;

+ Skills to formulate and evaluate real estate investment projects, real estate valuation and real estate management;

+ Skills to execute the contents of State management over the real estate market;

+ Skills in using real estate application software.

+ Skills to advise on real estate market policies.

– The skill of applying proficiently the knowledge of tools and methods for administrators to establish a scientific basis for making the right investment and business decisions and effective management in the real estate sector. (knowledge of econometrics, econometrics, business analysis, business research, …).

– Skills to perform professional and work activities effectively:

+ Skills in teamwork; skills to work independently, creatively and proactively at work;

+ Communication skills and handling situations at work; negotiation and negotiation skills; Text editing skills, presentation skills; Relationship building skills; Time management skills and self-training and retraining;

+ Foreign language ability according to the output standards prescribed by Hoa Sen University.

+ The ability to use information technology: according to the output standards prescribed by Hoa Sen University.

Autonomy and responsibility:

– Capable of discovering and solving real estate expertise and proposing valuable initiatives.

– Ability to self-orient to develop personal capacity, adapt to a highly competitive working environment and professional leadership capacity;

– Defend and take responsibility for professional conclusions; have the ability to formulate and evaluate plans.

– Having the capacity to promote collective intelligence in management and professional activities.

– Ability to evaluate and decide the development direction of assigned tasks and work.

– Ability to lead expertise to handle real estate issues.

Ability for Integration and Lifelong Learning

– Ability to use foreign languages ​​and update technology changes.

– Critical thinking skills, problem-solving, reasoning analysis to evaluate processes and reasonable solutions.

– Leadership and teamwork skills, capture and organize independent work execution.

– Self-study skills, self-research and accumulate practical experience to have the opportunity to self-employed in business.

– Having ethics in practice in the real estate industry.

Position and workplace after graduation, Bachelor of Real Estate graduates have the ability to work in domestic and foreign units such as:

– Groups, corporations, real estate development investment companies; – Real estate service companies;

– Banks, financial institutions and investment funds;

– State management agencies related to the real estate sector;

– Research institutes and universities with real estate research and training;

– Set up your own business by starting a business, creating a real estate business.

– Other related fields and professions. Horizontal and vertical continuity of the Training Program

Looking to the further future, the Real Estate industry training program and the real estate investment and business major will open the following programs:

– Vertical integration: helps learners have the ability to upgrade to Masters and PhD levels;

– Horizontal continuity: the subjects are designed in the Training Program to help learners learn by degree; Moving to other respective branches, first of all, the majors in the Faculty of Finance and Banking or other disciplines at Hoa Sen University and other schools according to the needs of learners.

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