Hoa Sen University

Electronic Commerce

Program introduction

What is e-commerce? This is a form of commercial business that uses electronic means to conduct business transactions. Transactions of buying and selling goods are carried out online via the Internet.

Program advantages

  • The training program is built on the basis of reference to training programs from famous universities in the world and in Vietnam;
  • Focus on practical skills by sending students to practice at domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • Students have many opportunities for professional training through cognitive internships, graduation internships at companies and enterprises;
  • The ability to think independently and work in groups develops through subject projects, practical projects;
  • There are many elective subjects to increase adaptability and choice opportunities for learners;
  • A team of enthusiastic, dedicated lecturers with a lot of teaching and practical experience.


  • Equip with in-depth knowledge: web analysis and design, e-commerce trading floor, e-retail, e-payment, e-commerce security, public relations on social networks association, distribution channel management…
  • Practice data analysis on the basis of 8,000 businesses.
  • Some typical subjects: International Finance – Import-Export Management, – E-commerce and its application in trading goods online – International Commodity Exchange – E-Government – Electronic payments – E-business – E-commerce security – Data warehousing and data mining – Franchising – Integration and international commitments – International marketing…

Job opportunities

Students Graduates can take on the following jobs:

  • Network administrator;
  • Employees applying e-commerce to international trade such as import-export, forwarder, logistics; freight forwarding…
  • Import and export sales staff; – International investment consultant;
  • International business administration consultant;
  • Consultant on e-commerce and e-commerce security
  • Design and application of software in business

Typical companies where students have internship/work: – Cathay Life Insurance; – Sudo E-commerce Company – Sendo Technology Ecommerce Company – Vega Logistics Company; – Kerry TTC Express shipping company; – Interlink Company; – ANC freight forwarding company; – Socadec Vietnam Company; – VCBS Securities Company.

First member of Vietnam E-commerce Association

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