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The Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing educates students to possess political and ethical qualities, exhibit servant leadership, and gain professional knowledge and competencies that meet the nation’s requirements. Specifically, the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration focuses on the following educational objectives:

  • The programme, accredited by ACBSP (USA), is modeled after the Bachelor’s Programmes in Marketing at renowned business schools, such as McCombs School of Business and The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Emphasizes the ability to apply Marketing knowledge in practice. Students participate in 2 internships at Enterprises and many marketing cases and projects during their studies;
  • Lecturers who have graduated from international universities with extensive teaching and practical experience, holding senior management positions at enterprises.

International quality tests and certificates have been achieved:

(*) Hoa Sen University’s Marketing major is the first major in Vietnam to meet the US ACBSP accreditation standards since 2015.

Content of Studies

Students are provided with the latest study materials and have access to up-to-date research in the Marketing field worldwide. In addition, the program is creative and highly interactive through practical activities, providing learners with useful skills.

  • Provides students with the necessary specialized professional knowledge and skills to apply flexibly and creatively and to handle issues related to strategic marketing management; sales and marketing management or communication and advertising;
  • Focuses on training soft skills such as communication skills, planning, and negotiation skills;
  • Equips students with basic knowledge and social skills relevant to the major; students become excellent independent employees and team players; students can communicate in English at work, in studies, and in research.
  • Gain practical experience through full-time internships at enterprises, business projects and specialized seminars;

Career opportunities: Graduates can pursue the following positions:

  • Brand and product management
  • Customer care
  • Marketing research
  • New product development
  • ​Advertising
  • Promotion management
  • ​​Public relations
  • Procurement management
  • ​Retail management
  • ​Sales administration…

Companies where HSU students have interned or worked as full-time staff include:

  • Holcim Vietnam Company;
  • Techcombank;
  • Vietcombank;
  • Emerald Digital Marketing Company;
  • Unilever Company;
  • Ha Tien Cement Joint Stock Company;
  • Công ty TNHH Nestlé Viet Nam (Nestle);
  • Suntory PepsiCo Viet Nam;
  • Mercedes-Benz Viet Nam.
Ngành Marketing và Digital Marketing, Khoa Kinh tế – Quản trị, Đại học Hoa Sen

The specialized knowledge and skills cultivated over four years have prepared me to confidently enter the working environment. The subjects on Public Relations, IMC,…, the sincere feedback from the lecturers has helped me accumulate many useful experiences.”

Nguyen Hoang Thanh Truc, Alumni of Class 13 – Yeah1 Network Vietnam Co., Ltd.
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