Human Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management?

Before getting to know about Human Resource Management (HRM), let’s learn about what human resource (HR) is. The phrase “Human resource” is used to describe all people working for a company or an organization – this is the most valuable asset. The competitiveness and development of an organization are closely related to the state of the human resource in that organization.

Enterprises or organizations need to have talented HR staff to build a competitive workforce. Human Resource management can be simply defined as effectively and efficiently people in a company or an organization to achieve organizational goals.

An HR specialist or HR manager is a person who works directly with the people in an organization to maximize its competence. Therefore, they need to have a strategic vision and a deep understanding of the people and activities in the organization. In general, Human Resource Management is a job that requires comprehensive business strategic knowledge and a detailed understanding of individuals and daily organizational performance.

The Bachelor Programme in HRM at Hoa Sen University (HSU) equips students with professional knowledge and skills in HRM activities such as planning, recruitment, management, training, development and retention for productive performance. In addition, HRM studies also provide general and in-depth knowledge about organizational culture, relationship management, and up-to-date labor policies, regimes and laws in HRM.

Job opportunities after graduation

In the era of globalization, businesses need human resource professionals with a good background of knowledge, relevant skills and foreign languages. Therefore, graduates majoring in HRM have the competencies that any business is looking for.

With a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Hoa Sen University, you can work in different positions at state agencies, domestic and foreign enterprises/organizations such as:

Companies that HSU students have worked as interns or full-time staff:

Ernst & Young Company;

CMC Telecom Joint Stock Company;

Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam Co., Ltd;

Ân Nam Co., Ltd;

Capgemini Vietnam Co., Ltd;

Highlights of Bachelor’s Programme in HRM at HSU?

With the mindset focusing on training learners with extensive knowledge and self-learning ability, ambitious goals, and the experience of professionals needed to start a business, Hoa Sen University prioritizes creating a learning environment and providing a professional experience for students. Human Resource Management Studies not only provides students with general and professional knowledge about human resource management but also focuses on creating opportunities for students to practice and sharpen their abilities. Throughout the studies, students will have the opportunities to apply their acquired knowledge to real-life experiences through cognitive internships, business projects or graduate internships.

In addition to study hours, group work and classroom practice, students often participate in seminars on up-to-date topics with guests who are leading experts from large domestic corporations and foreign companies. Moreover, HSU pays great attention to “Liberal Education” – a learner-centered learning environment to encourage students to be creative, think critically, sell themselves and stand out from the crowd.

The Human Resource Management studies at HSU have been assessed by the American organization ACBSP to ensure the quality according to international standards. In the program, many specialized subjects are taught in English to improve the English ability of the students.

ACBSP is the abbreviation for Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Hoa Sen University is the first university in Vietnam to have undergraduate training programs accredited by ACBSP. In 2015, the Human Resource Management studies were recognized by the ACBSP Accreditation Council of the United States as meeting the quality standards in education.

The teaching staff of Human Resource Management studies at Hoa Sen University are mostly lecturers who graduated from universities in other countries with many years of experience in teaching and working in the field of human resource management in domestic and foreign enterprises. The enthusiastic and dedicated teaching staff is the pride of Hoa Sen University.

Qualities of an HR specialist/manager

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