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What is Human Resources Management?

Human resources describe all the people working for a company or organization – the most valuable resource in any business. The competitiveness and development of an organization is closely linked to the human resources situation in that organization.

Businesses/organizations with good human resources need talented human resources staff to manage these resources. Human resource management involves the effective and efficient use of human resources to achieve organizational goals.

A human resources specialist or manager works directly with an organization’s human resources to maximize their potential. Therefore, they need to have a strategic vision as well as the ability to grasp each individual and activity in the organization well. In general, Human Resource Management is a job that is both comprehensive about an organization’s strategy and also detailed about each individual and the work of that organization.

At Hoa Sen University (HSU), the Human Resource Management major equips students with professional knowledge and skills in planning, recruiting, managing, training, and developing human resources effectively within an organization. In addition, the Human Resources Management industry also provides general and in-depth knowledge about organizational culture, relationship management within the organization as well as current labor policies, regimes and laws in the organization human resource management.

International quality tests and certificates have been achieved:

(*) Hoa Sen University’s Human Resource Management major has met the US ACBSP accreditation standards since 2015, a first in Vietnam.

Photos of Human Resources Management students attending the event.

Job opportunities after graduating from Human Resources Management?

In today’s globalized context, businesses urgently need Human Resources Management specialists with strong knowledge, skills, and foreign language proficiency. Students graduating with a major in Human Resource Management are, therefore, a valuable source of capital that domestic and foreign businesses are currently looking for.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Hoa Sen University can pursue careers in state agencies, businesses, and organizations both domestically and internationally, including:

  • Recruitment specialist, Training and business development specialist, – Performance evaluation and reward specialist, – Salary and welfare specialist, – Labor relations specialist, – Administrative management specialist personnel;
  • Expert in researching and analyzing the labor market, forecasting human resource needs,
  • Consultant on human resource activities in the organization;
  • Assistant human resources director in domestic and foreign corporations;
  • Human resource management when starting a business.

Some typical companies where HSU Human Resources Management students have interned and worked after graduation:

  • Ernst & Young Vietnam Company Limited;
  • Cmc Telecom Telecommunications Infrastructure Joint Stock Company;
  • Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam Company Limited;
  • An Nam Company Limited;
  • Capgemini Vietnam Company Limited.

Benefits of Choosing HSU’s Human Resource Management Major

oa Sen University aims to train students with extensive knowledge, the capacity for knowledge creation, the ambition to succeed, and the professional experience necessary for entrepreneurship, focusing on a conducive learning and professional environment. The Human Resources Management major not only provides students with general and professional knowledge about human resource management but also focuses on creating opportunities for students to practice and maximize their abilities close. During the study process, students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned into real-life experiences through cognitive internships, projects or graduation internships.

In addition to hours of study, group work and practice in class, students regularly participate in seminars with guests who are leading experts from large domestic corporations and foreign companies with leading experts “hot” and attractive topic today. In addition, HSU places great emphasis on “Liberal Education”, which is learner-centered, so students are always encouraged to be creative, think critically, and have the ability to self-assert and express difference and superiority.

The Human Resources Management training program at HSU has been evaluated by the American organization ACBSP to ensure quality according to international standards. In the program, there are many specialized subjects taught in English, which you can choose to enhance your English ability.

Did you know, under the international education standards of ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs), Hoa Sen University is the first in Vietnam to have its undergraduate program recognized by ACBSP? In 2015, the Human Resources Management industry was recognized by the US ACBSP Accreditation Council as meeting educational quality standards.

The teaching staff of the Human Resources Management major at Hoa Sen University are mostly lecturers trained at universities around the world; has many years of teaching and working experience at domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of human resource management. Hoa Sen University is always proud of its team of enthusiastic and dedicated lecturers to students.

What qualities are needed to become a human resources specialist/manager?

  • A passion for working with people;
  • A drive for change and staying updated with new trends;
  • The ability to manage emotions and adapt flexibly.

The contest is organized by the Human Resource Management Program:

  • The Future Human Resource Manager
The Future Human Resource Manager contest
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