Hoa Sen University

Digital Marketing

Industry code: 7340114

Digital Marketing program (Regular University System) major gives learners creative and thinking skills on digital platforms, helping businesses reach customers on all media (Email, Website, Facebook, …) Through the above platforms, Digital Marketing will build a strong brand and sustainably develop a business.

Program advantages

  • Pioneering Digital Marketing training in Vietnam;
  • Designed for high practicality and taught in English;
  • Offers studies with a team of experienced lecturers and business experts.

International quality tests and certificates have been achieved:

Study program:

  • Provides learners with knowledge to understand customer profiles and to practice using digital marketing tools for measuring and optimizing marketing campaigns;
  • Typical subjects include: Consumer Behavior in the Digital Environment, Digital Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Platform Marketing and Social Media, Digital Marketing Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management and Online Strategy, Programmatic Advertising.

Career opportunities:

The demand for Digital Marketing human resources is increasing in all business fields with competitive salaries. Opportunities to work in the following fields:

  • Electronic communications specialist;
  • Brand management;
  • Automation marketing;
  • Digital marketing management;
  • Social media management.

“Technological advancements have transformed marketing activities and tools.. Today, businesses apply technology thoroughly in the field of Marketing such as AI, chatbots, collecting data on social networks, tracking users on the Internet… to reach customers. Digital Marketing industry will be the guideline for future marketing activities.”

Dr. Doan Minh Chau, Director of the Institute of Graduate and Leadership Training, Hoa Sen University.

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