Information Technology

Program Introduction

The Information Technology program produces highly employable graduates of information technology with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience required by potential employers.

The program helps students to develop professional skills such as programming, analysis, design, application development, application of artificial intelligence technology, data science, big data as well as soft skills such as: foreign languages, teamwork, etc… that are necessary to participate in projects that create software solutions to real-world problems in a professional enterprise or dynamic startup environment.

Program Objectives

  • To train students the ability and capacity to participate in and to take on positions in application software development projects and the computerization of information systems that require the application of new technological achievements from the fields of artificial intelligence, data processing and big data to serve the operation of organizations and individuals.
  • To equip students the skills to self-study, to experiment, and to apply new technology meeting the development needs of the profession and society. Thereby, students improve their capacity to solve new and more complex problems that arise in the development of society.
  • To equip students with teamwork skills as well as the ability to communicate and to present problems so that they can work with and consult to convince many people in many different careers.
  • To help students to understand and to apply rules and standards of the Professional Ethics. To apply knowledge and skills into practice, contributing and promoting the sustainable development of society and the world.
  • To provide a wide range of professional orientations to help students to develop an in-depth or wide-range direction in information technology
  • To have a flexible program structure in response to advancements in technology as well as the needs of the community

Learning environment and advantages of the program

  • Reasonable and flexible entry requirements

With rational organizational structure, the Information Technology program can receive high school graduates at many entry levels and still ensure the quality of training. Students can apply for admission or take the entrance exam for the field of study using all of the school’s admission methods.

  • High quality, professional, dedicated lecturers

Lecturers of the Department include many PhDs, Masters graduated from developed countries such as the US, Japan, France, UK…, international joint programs and top domestic universities. The lecturers are dynamic, constantly improving their qualifications, actively guiding students to study and participate in professional and extra-curricular activities. They alway get positive feedback from students.

  • Teaching English to meet the needs of working in an international environment

The program does not require entry requirement of English but still ensures the output English quality according to international standards. Students are required to take intensive English courses if do not meet the graduation requirements of English. Most subjects have materials and lectures in English.

  • Practical work skills are emphasized

Students are required to attend two practical internships at enterprises during their studies. Through internships, students experience and grow in a real working environment. Many students get full-time jobs after these internships.

  • The degree is widely recognized

Graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry.

Program Content

The total credits of the whole course: 142 credits and Physical Education (150 hours); National defense education (165 hours). In details, they are:

  • General education: knowledge of logical thinking, foreign languages, research methods and soft skills including presentation, teamwork, leadership, time management, reading and writing.
  • Foundation subjects: computer knowledge, programming skills and thinking, knowledge and skills about databases, information systems.
  • Specialized subjects: knowledge of software systems and application building skills, knowledge and skills related to topics of Artificial Intelligence, Applied Data Science and Big Data, Internet of Things, Blockchain.

Job opportunity

Information Technology students have high job opportunities due to great social demand; many students are offered to work officially from the 3rd and 4th years. Attractive income level, average 2 to 3 times higher than the average income in the area.

Job positions

  • Software development engineer, tester, software quality manager (Software Engineer/Developer, Tester, QA/QC)
  • Business Analyst
  • Research and development specialist (R&D Engineer) for AI, Big Data, IoT solutions, information security…
  • Technology Consultant (Technical Consultant)
  • IT Training and Coaching Specialist
  • IT staff in agencies and businesses

Typical recruitment companies

TMA, Bosch Vietnam, DXC, Global Cybersoft, NashTech, FPT, LogiGear, Nielsen Vietnam…

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