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Students’ Works of Interior Design

Năm 2021

Stud Nguyễn Công Danh
Student’s work 2021: Ceramic museum “Mang Thít”

Student Nguyễn Công Danh, Student’s work 2021: Ceramic museum “Mang Thít”

HK2033_TKNT.Sv Nguyễn Công Danh, Đồ án Tốt nghiệp 2021 “Bảo tàng Gốm Mang Thít”

Stud. Nguyễn Minh Sang
Student’s work 2021: Harley-Davidson Showroom

The interior design concept of the Harley-Davidson showroom is aimed at creating a space that serves the needs of large-displacement motorcycle riders. It also caters to customers who want to learn everything about Harley-Davidson. Create a space for display, shopping, repair, and maintenance to increase the curiosity of visitors and shoppers. The vehicle display area is designed from boxes and is beveled to honor and impress Harley-Davidson products. Design the historical vortex, let everyone know about what Harley-Davidson has been through, the cars are represented through movies, music, or races in the history of Harley-Davidson. The showroom makes it stand out and different from other showrooms thanks to its innovative designs, the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials such as; solid-fired bricks, iron, steel, natural wood. Of course, glass. The spaces for sale, display, service, entertainment, .. they are in harmony with each other. Thereby expressing the freedom, masculinity, dust, and rebellion of people who love to explore and are followers of HarleyDavidson. What is known as the culture of a large displacement motorcycle monument in the world.

Stud. Nguyễn Ngọc Mai
Student’s work: Renovating Office Space Office Works To Improve The Health Of Designers

“Employees spend almost a quarter of their lives at work, which means workplace environments are a very important part of most people’s lives. Working in a safe, healthy, creative environment is important for your physical safety, mental well-being, and work productivity. For an office person, the design profession is one of the professions in the long run that will be most harmful to health. Designers will suffer from diseases of the spine, joints, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, … due to having to sit too long in front of a computer screen and have to run deadlines in a cramped working environment.That is why the office space needs to be paid more attention to provide employees with comfort, creativity, and productivity at work.’’

Stud. Nguyễn thị Ngọc Duyên
Student’s work: “The Spring Wedding Studio”

Formed based on the beginning, the origin of good and happy things and brought a woman to the pinnacle of beauty, elegance, gentleness mixed with nobility, bold identity mixed with modernity. with the idea of flowers racing to bloom in springtime. A beautiful and happy start will begin properly, when the lovers take their first steps at The Spring’s door.

With a magnificent and magnificent appearance, it feels like wearing a royal wedding dress, as well as being the first Sare in history. Along with that are layers of skirts stacked on top of each other, like blooming petals, fragrant aroma, not only creating beauty but also being unique and beautiful on the most important day of life.

Stud. Nguyễn Uyên Thảo
Student’s work: “Design of Educational Works at Serenity Blind Children’s Education Center”

Serenity education center for visually impaired children is the research project on designing an educational space for children aged 6-10 with touch sense solutions to help children learn a variety of shapes, surfaces and orient themself easily.

Stud. Tô Hoàng Uyên
Student’s work: “Exhibition Space for the Art of Singing-Sam Tuong”

Hat Boi is one of the long-standing traditional art forms of Vietnam and is considered an intangible cultural heritage of the country. Today, with the development of an integrated culture, Hat Boi is fighting being lost over time, lacking an heir and very few listeners. Those who do not know are curious, those who know feel very familiar and close. Bringing Hat Boi closer to young people for them to understand and love is one of the actions to help preserve and develop this cultural value.

With the above topic, I want to create a place where artists will have more performing stages, helping them have more income in life. In addition, the space will serve for young people, whether interested or curious, to learn, exchange and learn from each other. Come to know the beauty and love of Hat Boi.

Stud Vũ Tú Linh
Student’s work: “Ao Dai display and tailoring space”

With the theme: “ Gam det Hoa theu”, the project creates a space for costume products with traditional materials and techniques, in order to preserve and promote the long-standing cultural values of the ancients. And also through this space, contributing to the promotion of traditional culture to domestic and foreign tourists, women’s costumes with long-standing materials and techniques, as a separate identity, are one of the elements of that ancient culture.


Năm 2020

Stud. Võ Thị Bích Ngọc
Student’s work: Restaurant Nam Bộ

Stud. Võ Thị Bích Ngọc student’s work: Restaurant Nam Bộ

Stud. Đỗ Thị Lê Nin
Student’s work: Phố Hội Sắc Son, đạt Giải 2 Loa Thành 2020

Sv Đỗ Thị Lê Nin, đề tài Phố Hội Sắc Son, đạt Giải 2 Loa Thành 2020

Stud. Nguyễn Huy
Student’s work: Bảy Hiền Textile Factory, đạt Giải 3 Loa Thành 2020

Sv Nguyễn Huy, đề tài Bảy Hiền Textile Factory, đạt Giải 3 Loa Thành 2020

Năm 2019

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