Hoa Sen University

Students’ Works of Fashion Design


Stud. Nguyễn Huỳnh Kim Minh
Collection “SEN” from the brand MIMCHARIE-Womenwear

I love to see the disabled as white lotus flowers with their extraordinary energy who are struggling every day, going through difficulties and traps in life (mud). I choose ao dai because it is a traditional Vietnamese costume with the desire to change the mindset of people towards the disabled. They are as simple as us, have brains and hearts that also have thoughts and feelings, so we should not treat them differently. If internationally, people with disabilities have clear rights and protection policies, but in Vietnam those rights are not strong enough and the disabled seemed to be forgotten in this society.

Stud. Nguyễn Minh Ngọc

For a long time, black people, especially women, were subjected to pain by ancient customs. In addition, they were both mentally and physically insulted by racism. But deep in their hearts is an everlasting will, able to stand up for justice, reclaim women’s rights.“EVERLASTING” is a collection inspired by African art and culture. With a modern aspects in the outfit, each look brings out specific signature features of women here – femininity, attraction, and strength

Stud. Trần Minh Tấn
BST RÈVERSE Thương hiệu: K A N É

RÈVERSE – is the position when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. It represents rebirth – to be a better version of yourself. Collection expresses the message of hidden values of each individual and the motivation of self-definition journey.

Stud. Dương Tuyết Ngọc
BST Into The Paperland Kidwear Thương Hiệu SOLA

Into the paper land – Inspired by the art of origami, a simple craft that can easily expose children from their early age of childhood, which an imaginary land from unique folded paper objects was born. The detail in the garment collection involves folding technique and arranging paper to turn fabrics into animals, plants, or flowers shape based on personal preferences. It is simple yet cute and gives an opportunity for children to learn and take in deeper meanings, for instance, the love for nature and forming a warm heart for the creatures living around them.

Stud. Lê Cao Kỳ Duyên
BST Freedom Womenswear Thương hiệu DYN

“Turn yourself into beautiful flowers, reach out of the barriers of prejudice, to be the woman you want to be.” Women of all time, more or less, always have prejudices that overwhelm them, preventing them from doing what they like. Thus, “Freedom” – a collection inspired by Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter of freedom and equality was born. Using flowers blooming around the cage, which is the freedom women gain for themselves, let them do the things they love and express their personality. 

Stud. Dương Gia Hân

Technology and modernization, are we controlling or being manipulated? In the modern era, technology and smart appliances have played a crucial role in a human’s daily life and gradually grow into an efficient assistant of the human. Back in the past, technology was invented with the purpose of helping the human and lessening their labour in doing herculean tasks.

However, there happens to be more people rely on the help of these modern equipments and become “slaves” to technology. Eventually, are we controlling the technology or being manipulated by them?…

Stud. Phạm Ngọc Khánh Vi

Back to childhood is a collection that retrieves your inner child. Every day, we are overwhelmed with study and work. Thus, we forget all the dreams made when we were young. “Back to childhood” reminds you of these childhood memories and brings you back to your fantasy world that is considered “ridiculous” in the adult world. Since we wonder that: have we forgotten our inner child for so long?

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