International Business

A00, A01, D01/D03, D09

Program introduction

Program advantages

High adaptability to the global business environment

  • The curriculum is regularly updated and improved from prestigious universities and adjusted to the practical needs of businesses and society;
  • Practical skills are focused; All specialized subjects are learned in practice at the grassroots level.
  • Opportunities for professional training through cognitive internships, graduation internships at companies and enterprises;
  • The ability to think independently and work in groups develops through subject projects, practical projects;
  • There are many elective subjects to increase adaptability and choice opportunities for learners;
  • A team of passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated lecturers who have a lot of teaching and practical experience.


  • The curriculum deals with the general issues of the international economy and the trend of world economic development in the globalization trend; economic integration, international investment situation in Vietnam. The knowledge of the program helps learners to become an import-export specialist or a professional import-export manager.
  • Provide learners with an overview of business and business administration on a global scale;
  • Opportunity to receive knowledge related to international finance, international investment, international business administration, international economy, international transport and insurance, import and export management… can advise foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam in many fields.

The training program includes the following blocks:

  • Specialized knowledge: Import-Export Management, International Business, International Payment, International Marketing, International Investment, International Economics, Logistics…
  • Informatics: General Informatics, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Web and Graphic Design, MS-Project Applications in Management, Excel Applications in Business…
  • English: English for International Communication (EGC) program teaches four listening skills , speaking, reading and writing in an international working environment.
  • Other knowledge and skills: Professional ethics, Critical thinking, Communication skills, Intercultural communication, Retail management, Negotiation techniques, Consumer behavior and International finance…

Job opportunities

  • Import and export officer
  • International financial planner
  • International market research specialist
  • International marketing specialist
  • International investment consultant
  • International business administration consultant

Strategic partners:

Cathay Life Insurance Company; Vega Logistics Company; Shipping company Kerry TTC Express; Interlink Company; ANC freight forwarding company; Socadec Vietnam Company; VCBS Securities Company.

Training period: 4 years – Graduation: Bachelor

Combinations of admissions subjects:

– A00: Math, Physics, Chemistry

– A01: Math, Physics, English

– D01: Literature, Math, English ​

– D03: Literature, Math, French

– D09: Math, History, English
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