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Is it easy to get a job with a Hotel Management degree?
Hotel Management is a part of the “smokeless industry,” which attracts many students’ attention. However, some students still wonder if it is easy to get a job after graduating in Hotel Management? Let’s find out the answer here! Is it easy to get a job after graduating from Hotel Management? Following the global integration trend, Vietnam is one of the countries with a fast growth rate in the tourism – restaurant – hotel industry. Therefore, the human resource needs of these industries are extensive, especially the human resources at the management level. Graduates of Hotel Management can take up management,...
What are the career prospects in Hotel Management? Is it easy to get a job after graduation?
With the vigorous development of the tourism industry in recent years, the hotel management industry is much-loved by many young people. However, many students can’t help but wonder what to do after graduation or if it is easy to get a job in the hotel management industry? Let’s find out the answers and interesting information in this article! What are the career prospects in Hotel Management? If you wonder about the career prospects and job opportunities in Hotel Management, be rest assured about this issue because you can apply for many good hotel jobs with attractive incomes after graduation. Besides...
Which school is good for Hotel Management, and what are the job opportunities after graduation?
Hotel Management attracts many students for being a hot industry with great job opportunities and chances to work in a luxurious and professional environment. So which school is good for Hotel Management? Some schools famous for Hotel Management training Vietnam’s tourism industry has multiplied in quantity and quality over the past years. Restaurants and hotels have opened with acceleration. Therefore, tourism industry-related training programs such as Hotel Management also have excellent development potential. So which school is good for Hotel Management? Below is a list of famous Hotel Management universities in Ho Chi Minh City for reference: ● Hoa Sen...
Everything you need to know about Hotel Management
In the context that Vietnam is experiencing strong tourism development, the hotel management industry has been trendy in recent years and will keep that up. So what is Hotel Management, and what are the study requirements for Hotel Management? What are the job opportunities for Hotel Management graduates? Which school to study Hotel Management? Don’t miss the information in this article below for the answers! What is Hotel Management? Hotel Management is about managing and organizing hotel activities to bring about the best and most reasonable efficiency. Students of Hotel Management will learn to manage the room and staff system,...
Hoa Sen students and entrepreneurial spirit
Hoa Sen University always dignifies entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to help students self-mastery and self-assert and be more confident throughout the study process. The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the goals and objectives for student training at Hoa Sen University. In the workshop “Preparations for a career through the book pages” held in 2021, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Ngoc Thuy – Rector of Hoa Sen University, once shared: “Hoa Sen University sets training goals and objectives for students to acquire the spirit of entrepreneurship, self-mastery, business ownership, and the ability to create, serve and contribute good values to society.” From...
Respect the difference – what makes Hoa Sen University have a good “impression” and loved by many students
Not only famous for the high training quality, but the learning environment of Hoa Sen University is also highly appreciated. Especially the motto “respect the differences” makes HSU one of the universities chosen by many students for their four-year university. As HSU understands, each person has unique traits apart from the common characteristics and features. We should accept and respect those differences, making life more diverse, plentiful, and colorful. Here are 06 factors that embody that motto at Hoa Sen University. Freedom to express opinions Students of Hoa Sen University can grow themselves in every aspect of life, be their...


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