International Hotel and Restaurant Management (Vatel) – France

Program introduction

Vatel’s mission is to train high-quality human resources for the Hospitality Industry. With over 40 years of experience and more than 55 campuses in many countries worldwide, Vatel provides an international standard training program to over 9.000 students. Vatel’s training program is based on the balance of theory, practice, and realistic probation.

Vatel advanced curriculum and program quality have been awarded 2 titles by Hotel International Association in November 2010: Vatel’s students easily integrate into the Hotel and Profession Service industry after completing the program; 100% Vatel’s graduated students find a suitable job within 3 months of finishing training courses. 

Why choose this field?

Program’s advantages in others comparing

  • 100% English teaching
  • Lectures are local and foreign experts with many years of experience
  • Practice in high–end restaurants and 4 – 5 stars under instructed by hotel specialists
  • Practice and internship count for 70% of the total course
  • Training qualified work skills, spirits, and attitude
  • Participate in the Marco Polo exchange program in the Vatel system of 55 campuses all over the world
  • Dynamic, international study environment
  • Job opportunity divers in many different hotel departments
Vatel students preparing food

Career path

Vatel program trains high quality employees for domestic and Asia Restaurant – Hotel. Graduated students can work for international hotel and restaurant in coordinator and assistance of coordinator management:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager/ Owner of a Restaurant
  • Khởi nghiệp trong lĩnh vực nhà hàng/ Cafe shop/ Dịch vụ lưu trú
  • Front Office Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • F&B Manager/ Event Manager
  • Tourism
  • Airlines


I. Applicants and form of admission

Applicants: Candidates must qualify one of conditions:

Candidates graduated high school, English IELTS 5.5 or B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent and valid until time of receiving application as well as meet the program requirements.

(*) The National High School exam’s result is deployed for October course and the next year’s March course 

Candidates who have graduated from an international high school program taught in English in Vietnam or abroad.

The candidate has graduated from high school and meets the program’s admission requirements.

Admission form:

Subject (1) & (2): review the application and take part in the capacity examination and interview study dynamic.

Subject (3): candidate joins the examination which is organized by Hoa Sen University and Vatel. The content includes:

  • English
  • Test of career suitability
  • Interview study dynamic

II. Duration and degree:

Vatel Student will study in 3 years. The graduated student will be awarded the Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel Management by Vatel International Business School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is part of Vatel Group.

III. Information of application

1. Application:

  • 01 photocopy (*) of high school diploma.
  • 01 photocopy (*) of Identity card.
  • 01 photocopy (*) of International English Certificate (for candidates who skipped the English test).
  • 01 photocopy (*) of 3 year high school reports.
  • 01 photocopy of birth certificate.
  • 04 3×4 figure.

(*) Candidates bring the original for verification or apply a notarized photocopy. The candidates add notarized Vietnamese 

2. Timeline: 

ContentCourse 10/2022
Submit application formFrom announcement to 10/10/2022
Announce result and list of selected studentsFirst phase: August 22, 2022
Second phase: September 19, 2022
Third phase: October 17, 2022.
Apply for admission From6/2022 to 10/10/2022
Official admissionOctober 24, 2022

3. Tuition:  150.000.000 VND

4. Location

  • Room 002 Admission counseling for the Vatel program
  • No. 08 Nguyen Van Trang, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, TPHCM
  • Phone: 028 73091991 (external number: 11547) – Hotline: 076 422 6632
  • Email: – Website: –

Tuition & funding support

Hoa Sen University and Vatel HCM Program each year have many talented scholarships for candidates with excellent English proficiency and interview scores. In addition, Hoa Sen University has many special supports and incentives for students with different economic conditions to help them access the program.

For more information, please contact:

Vatel’s Office

R.709 – 08 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1 – HCM
Tel: 028 73091991 (ext: 11546) – Hotline: 093 824 5424

Training Objectives

  • The program trains students to be able to work in executive and management positions in the field of international hotel and restaurant tourism. After three years of training, Vatel graduates are fluent in English, knowledgeable in management, and have professional skills in all departments of restaurants and hotels such as: F&B, Front Office, Marketing, Human Resource… and has nearly 1.5 years of practical experience through 3 internships at hotels and resorts at home and abroad. Students are able to meet the requirements of promotion opportunities after a few years of work experience after graduation.
  • The Vatel program is a methodical combination of advanced management science with professional experience in the hospitality industry and restaurant management. Training effectiveness is enhanced through immediate application of theoretical knowledge to practical work.



Standard 3 years. Consists of 6 semesters and 3 compulsory internships at hotels (internship period: 4 months in year I and II, 6 months for internship in year III).

The entire program  100% English teaching, according to the training technology transferred by Vatel International School of Tourism and Hospitality:

  • Year 1: Students have basic access to knowledge of marketing, human resource management, administration, specialized culture as well as skills to behave professionally in accordance with other cultures. each to initially become proficient in service, food processing techniques, organization of parties, events, conferences and how to handle unexpected events that may take place. Students will end the school year with an internship at a hotel.
  • Year 2: Along with continuing to improve professional theoretical knowledge, students will experience more management skills in specific real-life situations. Students learn practice in the professional departments of hotels 4 – 5, team management skills will be enhanced through managing a group of 1st year students, as well as being managed by students. 3rd year student. At the end of year 2, students will have enough confidence to practice abroad and at the same time perfect their ability to use foreign languages ​​fluently and professionally.
  • Year 3: Students are fully equipped with all necessary knowledge. At this stage they are ready for the position of managing a group, right in the Vatel school itself. Students have the ability to evaluate, apply the knowledge they have learned to solve work like a real worker. Followed by a 6-month internship specializing in a department that students choose as a future career. All these experiences allow students to become management trainees in high-class Hotels and Restaurants without any hindrance.
1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
Accountant 1Accountant – Finance 2Accountant – Computer 3
Marketing 1Marketing 2Marketing 3
Human Resources 1Human Resources 2Human Resources 3
Computer Science 1Computer Science 2Taxation
Company EconomícHotel Law Computer Science 3
Professional CultureBusiness Law
Self ImageEconomy of TourismMulticultural Management
Nutrition 1Economic EnvironmentHospitality Sales
Wine VintagesF&B 2Wine, Beer and Spirits
Hotel VisitOral CommunicationTourism and Traveling
Foreign Languages 1 – EngNutrition 2Geopolitics
Foreign Languages 1 – FraWorldwide Wine VintagesNegotiation
Initiation to restaurant practices Foreign Languages 2 – EngForeign Languages 3 – Eng
Initiation to cooking practices Foreign Languages 2 – FraForeign Languages 3 – Fra
F&B Environment 1Professional Practices at HotelCareer Project Introduction
Hospitality EnvironmentInternational Professional Internship and ReportCareer Project Thesis and Professional Internship
Professional Practices and Domestic Internship



Graduates will be Bachelor level and awarded a Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel and Restaurant Management (Manager en Hôtellerie Internationale /Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel Management) from the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business – French Republic – The “Best Hospitality School” in Europe in training hotel and restaurant management. (*Ifop 2007).

Vatel’ degree

* Ifop 2007: Institut Francais d’Opinion Publique – The first and leading French Institute for Market Research and Public Opinion with the participation of Hotel managers in Europe)

Hoa Sen University