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HSU’s Public Relations Program is tailored to the integrated communication trends of the digital age, combining background knowledge in social sciences, business, marketing, and specialized PR knowledge amidst rapid multimedia changes, making it an ideal major for high school graduates.

In the context of strong development of the 4.0 era, especially with the emergence of numerous brands and multinational corporations in Vietnam, the Public Relations program has become an important bridge in transmitting information, maintaining and developing relationships between organizations, business with the public, bringing brand value closer to consumers.

Understanding this rapid change, the Public Relations program at Hoa Sen University always updates the training program and market approach to bring well-trained PR human resources with innovative thinking and ability to quickly adapt to changes of the times.

  • The program is designed according to the integrated communication trend of the digital age, combining background knowledge in social sciences, business, marketing and specialized knowledge of PR in the context of rapid change of multimedia communication.
  • Lecturers bring a diversity of expertise and experience in communication, advertising, marketing, and strategic consulting…
  • Focus on experiential and hands-on internships with modern facilities.
  • Opportunity to expand learning and experience to other industries such as management and production of media products… through existing training programs at Hoa Sen University; the opportunity to network with future colleagues and partners while studying at the school.
  • Innovative educational philosophy, respect for differences.
  • The program is designed to update the development trend of public relations (PR) activities in the digital era with a team of qualified lecturers with expertise and practical experience.
  • Provides core knowledge and skills in integrated PR activities across social, cultural, artistic, media, and business domains; strategic planning and content development skills; skills in creating and producing media products; knowledge of integrated communication, press relations, government, crisis management…
  • Train and practice skills in planning and managing communication projects, event organization.
  • Practical opportunities with real projects in cooperation with businesses.
  • The program includes typical subjects such a: Overview of communications, Overview of business & management, Strategic planning of public relations, Integrated communications management, Sponsorship and event management, Media crisis management, Brand management, News & reportage production, Electronic marketing, Public speaking skills, Writing comments and debates…
  • Managing communication activities at businesses, state agencies, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Work at a media consulting company or media organization (television, radio, press…).
  • Manage public relations for famous individuals or independent projects.
  • Research and teaching in the field of communication.
  • Independent consulting; Opening a media consulting firm.
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