University, Faculty Background

University, Faculty Background

HSU was founded in 1991 as an educational institution and offered courses of technical training. In 1999, it became a semi-public college, then became a private university in 2006 with four strong academic faculties, including Economics and Commerce, Languages and Cultural Studies, Science and Technology, and Faculty of Polytechnics. In 2017, following the new vision to become an international university for Vietnamese citizens, HSU has been restructured with five new faculties consisting of Economics and Business, Tourism, Design and Art, Sciences and Engineering, and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

With nearly 15,000 students and professional staffs (466 lecturers and employers), HSU is now considered one of the largest private universities in the South of Vietnam. Every year HSU attracts over 2,000 students who seek to train in four-year undergraduate programmes and international cooperation programmes in collaboration with Université Paris-Est Créteil, Paris, France and the Manchester College, Manchester, England. Besides, HSU has more than 100 academic and business partnerships with universities, organizations, and enterprises on around the world. HSU has a vision to be “… a reputable world-class university in Asia which aims to implement practice in its educational framework and create quintessential manpower for society.” Its educational philosophy is “Human and the liberal spirit”. HSU’s missions include “… offering learners with extensive and intensive knowledge, intellectual-creative capacity, aspiration to rise to challenges and professional experience, which will allow them to embark on entrepreneurship and assert themselves with their exceptional identity.” HSU also has three core values, aliased into three key words Mind, Heart, and Reach. The mind means “Students, lecturers, academic researchers and staff of Hoa Sen University are adept individuals with extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the surroundings; having the capability of going great lengths, setting up private businesses and holding key positions in domestic and international organizations.” The heart means “… to be gregarious and benevolent individuals who love their nearest and dearest, consciously protect the environment and respect all social values.” And the reach means “… to be individuals possessing the capability to perceive, control, adapt and conquer all circumstances to create a positive influence to Viet Nam and the world.”

The FADA is named in 2016 (former Faculty of Professional Training, established 2009), officially operated in 2017, with the goal of training high quality human resources in design and art field that meets social real requirements. In accordance with HSU’s vision, missions, and core values, the FDA focused on Responsibility, Innovation, Integration, and Community that play a role as FDA’s core missions.

FADA opens students many options of learning and developing their potential careers with four Departments of Undergraduate Programme, including Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Media Production and Management. In 2020, the FDA opens more 4 branches of learning, that is, Digital Art and Environmental Resource and Management, Film and PR. The faculty leads students to expanding knowledge of scientific research and on promoting values of community service. The content of the Programmes’ curricula, thus, are changes and updated yearly for the purpose of the balance knowledge between theoretic and practical, between artistic and technological, and between creative and logical, in training student’s critical thinking and creative expression of research, design, and management.

The FADA has cooperated with Mod’Art International Institute (Paris, France), College De Paris, Shih Chien University (Taiwan), Chang Jung Christian University (Taiwan), College De Paris, and University of Hawaii (Manoa, USA) and many prestigious companies, such as ELLE Vietnam, Thủy Design House, LUSINE Com., Matta Production, Mac Media, Yan TV, Yeah 1, FBNC Channel, and Digital Works Vietnam.

Especially, Department of Fashion Design has more than 10 years of educational experiences in collaboration with Mod’Art International Institute, and Media Production and Management Programme is the programme opened only in Hoasen University, Viet Nam.

In 2020, HSU reviews developing strategy and puts forward new vision-missions in details until 2030, comprising Training internationalization, Intelligent technology, Practical application, Humane citizens, Leading possibility, and Creative entrepreneur. HSU also determines new core values, called WCV, including Wisdom, Conscience, and Vision, with educational philosophy “Liberation and Humanity.”

FADA, thus, asserts its mission “Providing students a standard academic environment for study, research, and exchange with different domestic and foreign universities, design companies, and business experts in related fields”, with vision to 2030 as “Becoming one of the high quality professional environments in training designers to meet social demands in digital context and international integration, in terms of design, construction, media, environment, and management.”

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