Technology and Events: How to create engaging events

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Orther Titile: Technology and Events: Organizing an engaging event

Author:  Vanessa Martin, Luiz Cazarré

Publisher:  Goodfellow Publishers, 2015


As the modern attendee has more access to knowledge and is infinitely more connected, technology has become crucial to enhancing the event experience. Successful use of technology can make an event more incredible, personal, pervasive, tangible and unforgettable and the modern event must engage, connect, interact and stimulate participation in ways that have until now not been possible. Technology and Events: organizing an engaging event explores the use of technology to improve results on all kinds of events from initial planning stages right through to post event debriefing. In times of full communication where the individuals are on the front line of almost everything, this book provides all the solutions and tips on how to maximize the participation of your audience, cut costs and have better revenues from your events. This book is perfect for those seeking knowledge and a better understanding of how to effectively use technology to engage and connect attendees, sponsors, organizers, and suppliers. By clearly demonstrating how to increase profits and provide attendees with the tools to better interact and participate, it enables organizers to match their audience with the appropriate sponsor and ensure close communication. Divided into 2 sections Technology and Events looks firstly at the important concepts in the fields of events and technology and then moves on to describe and highlight successful applications and uses of technology in the events market. Fully supported with online tutor resources and up to date links for further reference.