Blockchain applications : a hands-On approach

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Author:  Arshdeep Bahga, Vijay Madisetti

Edition Statement: 1 st edition

Publisher:  VPT, USA, 2017


This book is also written for use within industries in the FinTech and RegTech space that may be interested in rolling out products and services that utilize this new area of technology. The book is organized into three main parts, comprising a total of ten chapters.

  • Part I provides an introduction to blockchain concepts, design patterns, and architectures for blockchain applications. A blockchain stack comprising a decentralized computation platform, a decentralized messaging platform, and a decentralized storage platform is described. While in this book we describe a specific realization of the blockchain stack based on the Ethereum blockchain platform, the same blockchain concepts can be applied to other blockchain platforms as well, such as Eris and Multichain. The blockchain stack and application design methodology form the pedagogical foundation of this book.
  • Part II introduces the readers to tools and platforms for blockchain, such as Geth, PyEthApp, TestRPC, Mist Ethereum Wallet, MetaMask, Web3 JavaScript API and the Truffle Dapp framework. Implementation examples of various smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps) are provided. An in-depth study of the consensus mechanism in a blockchain network, the steps involved in mining, mining proof of work algorithm, and state storage in Ethereum are provided. The reader is introduced to the Whisper decentralized messaging platform and Swarm decentralized storage platform.
  • Part III focuses on advanced topics such as the security and scalability related challenges for the blockchain platforms.


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