[MoU Signing Ceremony and Workshop] “Global Fintech and Real Estate Trends – The leading Industries in Digital Era”

This is the main topic that leading experts in the field of real estate, Fintech, and representatives of Hoa Sen University exchange, discuss and apply technology in training programs for students.

On July 17, the seminar “Global Real Estate and Fintech Trends: Leading the Digital Age” had the presence of many experts such as Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Training Director of Lynkey Vietnam Company; Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan – Project Director of Best Home Land Joint Stock Company, and also an alumnus of Hoa Sen University; Ms. Hoang Thi Nhat Le – Director of LBG Asia Co., Ltd; Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking – Hoa Sen University. At the same time, the event also attracted the interest and research of nearly 100 Hoa Sen students and high school students who wanted to choose this major.

The seminar revolved around the discussion of digital transformation in industry trends, bringing business development to a new level, career stories as well as the human market of these two fields in the coming years…

According to experts, the real estate market is a specialized industry with complex transactions, lots of information, complicated buying and selling procedures, etc. Therefore, digital transformation will help investors. Real estate investment builds an efficient operating system, reduces costs, and optimizes business. New technologies such as Block Chain, artificial intelligence AI, and Proptech (real estate technology) … applied to the real estate sector have and will drastically change the way transactions, and optimize the working process between sellers. and buy, broker, lend, lease and manage real estate… in a more efficient way. However, the speed of digital transformation in the real estate sector is still slow, but it will certainly have to be accelerated if businesses do not want to miss the opportunity.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between Best Home Land and the Faculty of Finance and Banking of Hoa Sen University

Fintech or Fintech is the application of technology to financial activities, marking an emerging trend in the finance and banking industry. More and more people are using Fintech products and services such as e-wallets, B2C online commerce, mPOS… Not only new fintech startups have entered, but many commercial banks have been gradually transforming, operating the digital banking system based on modern technology … to meet the requirements of fast and smooth customer service. Therefore, signing with experienced partners in the field of financial technology or real estate technology is what the Faculty of Finance – Banking is responsible for to expand connections and providing bridges for students, and businesses.

The signing of the MoU between Hoa Sen University, Faculty of Finance – Banking, and Lbg.Asia Company

On the side of Hoa Sen University as a training unit, specializing in providing high-quality human resources for businesses, ensuring the training program is close to the reality of enterprises. Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang, Dean of Banking and Finance Faculty of Hoa Sen University, said that in the Fintech and Real Estate training roadmap, the school always updates new changes, especially technology knowledge. Many subjects integrate new knowledge such as Contemporary Trends in Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Project Appraisal, Object Oriented Programming in Python”…

The signing of the MoU between Hoa Sen University, Faculty of Finance – Banking, and Lynkey VN Company

In addition, the school also focuses on learning experiences for students. The faculty of TC-NH in collaboration with partner LYNKEY Vietnam offers students the experience of wearing VR glasses to enter the virtual reality world of Metaverse. In the future, we will no longer be unfamiliar with using VR technology to tour houses in the real estate business.

Students are experiencing VR glasses to visit Metaverse.

Many questions that interest you such as which real estate should be invested in, the difference between different types of real estate, as well as the impact of Fintech on the banking system, etc., were asked by customers. invited lecturers of the Finance and Banking Faculty of Hoa Sen University to answer.

Previously, on June 7, the Faculty of Finance and Banking of Hoa Sen University (HSU) had a signing ceremony of cooperation with Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company – VNPay to promote training and increase the practical experience for students majoring in Financial Technology – Fintech. With its influence and strategic partner network available, VNPay will be a bridge for HSU to expand and develop other strategic relationships. Since then, the Fintech industry has been strong and created a lot of value for students.