[MoU Signing Ceremony] Faculty of Finance – Banking and VNPay
The MOU signing ceremony between the Faculty of Science and Technology and VNPAY took place on June 7, 2022. The Memorandum of Understanding is the beginning of sustainable cooperation between the Faculty of Science and Technology – Hoa Sen University and VNPAY as cooperation in Fintech training. , internship programs, internships, seminars, and sponsorship of competitions organized by the Faculty. This event was published in the following newspapers: 1. Doanh nghiệp và cuộc sống Newspaper  2. Doanh nghiệp và phát triển Newspaper  3. Doanh nghiệp Hội nhập Newspaper  4. Tài chính Tiền tệ Magazine  5. VOV Newspaper  Sources from the Enterprise Integration newspaper are as...
Accounting Major – Internationalization Pathway of Hoa Sen University
At the event the Faculty of Finance – Banking – Hoa Sen University signed an MOU with the International Management Accounting Organization – IMA and pictures of the One-Day Chief Accountant contest were published on IMA cooperates with Hoa Sen University to improve the quality of accounting and auditing training – Enrollment 2022 – ZINGNEWS.VN With the orientation of internationalization, Hoa Sen University and the American Organization of Management Accountants (IMA) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, promoting intensive training programs. With the desire to improve the quality of accounting-audit training in an international direction, recently, the Faculty of Finance...
[MoU Signing Ceremony and Workshop] “Global Fintech and Real Estate Trends – The leading Industries in Digital Era”
This is the main topic that leading experts in the field of real estate, Fintech, and representatives of Hoa Sen University exchange, discuss and apply technology in training programs for students. On July 17, the seminar “Global Real Estate and Fintech Trends: Leading the Digital Age” had the presence of many experts such as Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Training Director of Lynkey Vietnam Company; Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan – Project Director of Best Home Land Joint Stock Company, and also an alumnus of Hoa Sen University; Ms. Hoang Thi Nhat Le – Director of LBG Asia Co., Ltd; Dr....
[MoU Signing Ceremony] Faculty of Finance – Banking and Tuan 123 Real Estate Company
The MoU signing ceremony between the Faculty of Finance – Banking – Hoa Sen University and Tuan 123 Real Estate Company took place on July 26 under the witness of Mr. Nguyen Phu Tuan – CEO of Tuan 123 Real Estate Company, and Dr. Phung Thai Minh Trang – Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, Hoa Sen University. Tuan 123 Company has more than 7 years of outstanding experience in real estate and is one of the core components in the ecosystem of Viet Rich Group. From here, the cooperation between Tuan 123 and the Faculty of – Banking...
Accounting program – FFB – HSU with internationalization trends
Special events related to the Accounting program, Faculty of Finance – Banking, HSU, including the MOU signing ceremony with IMA and the contest “Chief Account for A Day” have been published in the magazine. IMA hợp tác ĐH Hoa Sen nâng cao chất lượng đào tạo kế toán – kiểm toán – Tuyển sinh 2022 – ZINGNEWS.VN
The MOU signing ceremony between HSU and VNPAY
Faculty of Finance – Banking, HSU and VNPAY have the MOU signing ceremony on the 7th of June, 2022. The MOU is a good start for us to have further discussions of cooperating multiple aspects including collaborative training programs, student internships, workshops, job fair and sponsorship. This event was published on the magazines of Business and Life; Business and Development; and Business and Integration 1. Báo Doanh nghiệp và cuộc sống: 2. Báo Doanh nghiệp và phát triển: 3. Báo Doanh nghiệp Hội nhập: 4. Tạp chí Tài chính Tiền tệ: 5. VOV: HSU website: FFB website:...


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