Why choosing FFB?

Why should you choose Faculty of Finance & Banking?
Why should you become a student of the Faculty of Banking and Finance?

The Faculty of Finance & Banking offers you many opportunities to learn, create and develop your future career. Here are 7 reasons you should choose the Faculty of Finance & Banking:

  1. Wide choice of majors in the field of Accounting, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Property, Fintech

There are many educational majors for potential students to choose from: Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Banking, Investment Finance, Insurance, Property management & Fintech.

  1. Opportunity to study and practice with lecturers from businesses

Over 80% of the teaching staff are administrators and executives in relevant professional fields.
Lessons are designed with real-life situations.

  1. Quality learning methods

25 full-time lecturers – 20% have doctoral degrees – 6 PhDs
A variety of learning approaches that emphasize career preparation: lectures, group presentations, applied research, business tours, simulated office work, cognitive internships and graduate internships, learning through community service, talking with guest speakers

  1. Close relationship with organizations/enterprises

Partnerships with many businesses
Job fair
Workshops with businesses
Real interview practice contests

  1. Rich school life and diverse student support services

Two new facilities were built with modern classrooms and equipment, a full library of documents
Two dynamic clubs attract students to participate in the fields of accounting-auditing, finance-stocking.
The learning environment facilitates the development of 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, information technology application, personal responsibility and social responsibility. festival.
Students receive support and guidance during key stages (admission, appropriate study planning, internship, major selection, career planning, job search).

  1. Global Citizen Orientation

35% of specialized subjects are taught in English with the participation of international students.
Students are encouraged to take semester abroad, participate in internships abroad.
Students are facilitated to participate in student exchange programs abroad, participate in national-scale competitions and international certificates.

  1. ACBSP Quality Assurance

Becoming a member and being supervised by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) encourages the Faculty of Finance and Banking to continuously improve the content and quality of training programs to ensure the suitability of the curriculum. compatible with and similar to the training programs of the world’s leading business schools.
Continuous quality improvement efforts have been receiving active cooperation from stakeholders such as lecturers, students, alumni, businesses, and recruitment organizations.

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