Message from the Dean

Dear beloved students of Faculty of Finance & Banking!

I am very pleased to announce to all of you that the Faculty of Finance and Banking, Hoa Sen University has been established since April 1st, 2021. Our Faculty, formerly the Department of Accounting and Finance, is separated from the Faculty of Management Economics. Surely, the students majoring in Accounting – Auditing were expecting the name of their major to be shown in the Faculty’s name. I understand that very well. The school and the leadership have pondered a lot. Professional activities in accounting – auditing, after all, share the same room with finance; we are an integral part and serve the financial purpose of the business, creating the highest possible value for the business.

Just like Accounting, Insurance, and later Property and new disciplines will be opened and taught in the Faculty of Finance and Banking, but not shown on the Faculty’s name. That shows that the Faculty’s name is representative and expected of the school. We will communicate the activities of the Accounting – Auditing industry as well as Insurance, Fintech and Real Estate strongly; professional activities of clubs and business connections, international professional accounting organizations such as ACCA, CPA Australia, and soon the Accountants of Wales (ICAEW). Teaching programs, short-term training, undergraduate and graduate programs, programs associated with foreign universities so that students have many options and many directions in the future. And, when the size of the programs, Accounting – Auditing is developed to a certain extent, it will be split into a new Faculty, as we have just seen. With your cooperation, a team of dedicated and professional lecturers will do their best, take advantage of every opportunity to develop the Accounting major so that they are always proud, Faculty of Finance – Banking is always proud to have deep and extensive training programs in Accounting – Auditing. You have been, are and will always be the pride of the Faculty of Finance and Banking. She is also very grateful to the students majoring in Accounting – Auditing who have been bringing achievements and glory to our School and Faculty.

Finance – Banking, Insurance, Fintech and Real Estate industries will also develop stronger. In particular, the real estate industry will be developed continuously in different fields in the real estate industry, besides investment and pure business. It is the design, construction and development of real estate, towards the community to enjoy real estate to the fullest extent and with high humanity. We will introduce new subjects so that students will not be left behind when they have the opportunity to interact with professional organizations and training institutions in developed countries. We will bring technology training into finance, banking, and of course accounting and insurance so that children can see and work in a changing environment every day. It is planned that this year we will open a Master’s program in Finance – Banking. They will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to partially support tuition fees, and have the opportunity to obtain an international certificate in management accounting. This also proves that the finance and accounting professions always intersect, their career paths are always open. Enjoy the youthful vitality, study hard, do your best, but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of life when you have the opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Finance & Banking, see you soon!

Dean of Faculty of Finance & Banking

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