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Information page about typical students of the Faculty of Languages – International Cultures in particular and Hoa Sen University in general.

Hoa Sen University students top the South in the 2022 English Olympiad
Recently, HSUnstoppable, the team from Hoa Sen University participating in the 2022 National English Olympiad, has excellently taken the lead in the list of teams entering the final round of the Southern region. The 2022 National English Olympiad with the theme “Vietnamese Students: Aspiration and Creativity” officially kicks off in June 2022. With a spirit of enthusiasm and positivity, Hoa Sen University immediately organized contests to select outstanding and typical students and represent the school to participate. After two rounds of intense competition with 77 teams from universities and colleges across the country, the HSUnstoppable team consisting of students from...
Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – New valedictorian in English Language Studies at the 39th Graduation Ceremony, Hoa Sen University
The 39th graduation ceremony of Hoa Sen University has ended with many unforgettable impressions. Along with the ranks of excellent freshmen, possessing extremely outstanding achievements, we cannot fail to mention Ms. Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – valedictorian in English Language Studies, with a GPA of 3.6/4.0. Previously, Ms. Phuong Nga excellently received the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador – April 2022 certified by IIG Vietnam Education Organization – National Representative of the American Institute of Educational Testing (EFT). ) in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. More specifically, Ms. Phuong Nga once participated in the 12th grade British team of Trung...
Nguyen Quang Tri – New student majoring in English Language and the journey to conquer the Talent Scholarship of 340 million VND
Nguyen Quang Tri, new student K22 majoring in English has wholly conquered the Admissions Council of Hoa Sen University with his days of dedication to Taekwondo, despite his very young age. With outstanding talent and contributions to sports, Tri became the owner of the Talent Scholarship with up to 340 million VND. Fall in love with martial arts thanks to my parents, who are “people in the profession.” Tri started practicing Taekwondo quite early, because his parents opened a martial arts class near his house. At that time, Tri came to practice because his family wanted to improve and maintain his...


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