Practice presenting confidently with Webinar [TESOL & Presentation: Become a Better Public Speaker]
Are you currently: – Worried about giving a presentation? Are you often ‘blanked’ when you have to speak in front of a crowd? – Love teaching but not confident enough in class? If you are seeing yourself in the questions above, then TESOL & PRESENTATION: Become a Public Speaker with the companionship of Phan Minh Anh (English Language Learner – English Teaching Assistant of the Year 2020′ in English Vietnam American Association VUS) is the Webinar that you cannot miss. If you’ve ever watched Ep.2 of Student’s Mind – Student’s Life, you must have known Minh Anh’s extremely talented style...
Tips for the TOEIC test from the TOEIC Ambassador in April 2022 – Le Ngoc Phuong Nga
Without letting you wait too long, [Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] continues the second episode with the participation of Ms. Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – New Head of English Language Studies (the 39th Graduation Ceremony) with the theme [TIPS TO SUCCEED IN YOUR TOEIC] Are you currently: – Confused about how to choose TOEIC documents? – How to balance TOEIC test preparation with specialized subjects at school? – What is the perfect TOEIC learning route for beginners? If you face the above questions, then [Tips to Succeed in Your TOEIC] is the Talkshow you should not miss. [Tips to Succeed...
Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – New valedictorian in English Language Studies at the 39th Graduation Ceremony, Hoa Sen University
The 39th graduation ceremony of Hoa Sen University has ended with many unforgettable impressions. Along with the ranks of excellent freshmen, possessing extremely outstanding achievements, we cannot fail to mention Ms. Le Ngoc Phuong Nga – valedictorian in English Language Studies, with a GPA of 3.6/4.0. Previously, Ms. Phuong Nga excellently received the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador – April 2022 certified by IIG Vietnam Education Organization – National Representative of the American Institute of Educational Testing (EFT). ) in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. More specifically, Ms. Phuong Nga once participated in the 12th grade British team of Trung...
Find an effective way to study at University at UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER
Webinar Series [Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] officially ‘opens’ the first episode with the participation of a talented friend Tran Thi Bich Lien – 4th-year student of English Language Studies – Psychology (dual degrees) – with the theme UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Have you ever been disoriented by the difference between high school and university? Do you have difficulty balancing study time and leisure time? Come to UNI-TECHNIQUES: STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER – the ‘guideline’ to help you have the most meaningful university time. At Uni-Techniques, with Bich Lien’s companion, you can listen to the most effective learning methods...
[Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] – The First Online Talkshow series of the Faculty Languages – International Cultures
Understanding all the concerns of students in both academic and life issues and careers, Talkshow [Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] of the Faculty Languages – International Cultures was officially ‘born’ to become a small corner where we all listen to the very close sharing of fellow students, successful alumni. No longer just theories, each story shared in [Student’s Mind – Student’s Life] will help you see yourself there, from sharing student life to choosing the right career. In addition, at the talk show, you can ultimately share the problem that you are ‘entangled in’ by listening to the most appropriate...
Nguyen Quang Tri – New student majoring in English Language and the journey to conquer the Talent Scholarship of 340 million VND
Nguyen Quang Tri, new student K22 majoring in English has wholly conquered the Admissions Council of Hoa Sen University with his days of dedication to Taekwondo, despite his very young age. With outstanding talent and contributions to sports, Tri became the owner of the Talent Scholarship with up to 340 million VND. Fall in love with martial arts thanks to my parents, who are “people in the profession.” Tri started practicing Taekwondo quite early, because his parents opened a martial arts class near his house. At that time, Tri came to practice because his family wanted to improve and maintain his...


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