Why Us?

The Bachelor of English language training program with two majors, namely English Teaching, Business English – Corporate Communication, is designed based on reference to training programs of universities. To ensure quality in today’s globalization trend, (i) all lecturers involved in teaching the program have a Master’s degree or higher and have studied at or graduated from foreign universities; (ii) the program is also evaluated and updated after four years of application, through a survey of opinions of businesses, alumni and students.

During this program, students also learn with native speakers, have many opportunities to interact with international students, and even exchange semesters with Hoa Sen universities’ foreign partners.

Because the English language major focuses on practice and application in the natural environment, students must undergo two internships, each from 2 to 4 months, at establishments, domestic enterprises, and joint ventures or foreign companies. This helps students gain confidence and more experience in a dynamic working environment. The top companies that accept English language students for internships are:

The Bachelor of English Program helps students:

The training objective of the Master of English Language Program is to help students:

Job opportunities:

Bachelor’s Program in the English Language

For many years, the rate of students majoring in English at Hoa Sen University who have jobs right after graduation has been over 80%.

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Master’s Program in the English Language

Graduated with a major in English language teaching, graduate students can participate in teaching, research, and managing English training programs at foreign language centers, universities, colleges, and foreign educational and training institutions.

General English Program

Why study English as a foreign language in the General English Program?

Over the years, employers and society have recognized students’ ability to use English significantly, making a difference for graduates from Hoa Sen University. The recognition and high achievements in training are thanks to the combination of many factors that have been and are present in the General English Program:

Choosing to study English as a foreign language at the General English Program is closely linked to students’ job opportunities upon graduation with their ability to use English fluently. In addition to qualifications and professional experience, English has become a recruitment criterion for some business candidates. Although not required, there is a particular preference for candidates with better English skills than the rest. Moreover, the trend of studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular and is chosen by parents and students. Suppose you are a student with fluent English communication skills. In that case, you will have a better chance of grasping domestic and foreign scholarships, internship opportunities, and the ability to find jobs at large corporations and companies after graduation. In other words, with outstanding English skills, you will have advantages that others do not have when applying for jobs, so you have a better chance for career advancement and the whole world.

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