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Montessori’s 1913 Diary to be Published

Maria Montessori Sails to America–1913 Private Diary

In 1913 Maria Montessori sailed from Naples, Italy to New York, United States to promote her new and unique discoveries in education. During that oceanic voyage, Dr. Montessori maintained a personal diary to catalogue her thoughts and adventures.

In it she described 12 days at sea on the luxurious ocean liner, Cincinnati, detailing the interesting people and stormy weather she encountered. Of special interest is Dr. Montessori’s thoughts on leaving her son and father for the unknown adventure awaiting her in America.

We are delighted to announce that this Diary has been translated in English and will be printed and bound in an attractive hard cover booklet to be sold for the first time at the 2013 International Montessori Congress!

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