Organizational Structure

Board of Directors:

  • Acting Dean: Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang

Program Directors:

  • Director of Business Administration Program: Dr. Phan Vo Minh Thang
  • Director of Marketing Program: MSc. Phan Minh Tuan
  • Director of Digital Marketing Program and Hoa Sen Plus Program: MSc. Huynh Thi Thuy Duong
  • Director of Human Resource Management and Office Management Program: MSc. Nguyen Thuy Giang

Communication & Student Care:

  • Truong Vo Hanh Dung – Nguyen Van Trang Campus


  • Nguyen Bao Giang – Quang Trung 2 Campus
  • Truong Thuy Hong Chi – Quang Trung 2 Campus
  • Tran Kim Ngoc – Nguyen Van Trang Campus
  • Phan Minh Huan – Nguyen Van Trang Campus