“My name is Ha Hai Duong, I’m currently studying Accounting and Auditing at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Hoa Sen University. I feel very honored to have the opportunity to receive the Scholarship to overcome difficulties (Academic year 2017 – 2018). The scholarship gives me more motivation to train myself to be better.

I would like to thank Hoa Sen University, for providing me with information about the scholarship program, as well as for supporting me during the process of preparing my application. I would like to express my gratitude to the Scholarship Review Committee for giving me the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to receive a scholarship and study in a modern and civilized learning environment. Along with the useful activities introduced by the Faculty of Economics and Business about extracurricular activities and volunteering, I have more knowledge and new experiences about the surrounding life.

For me, Studying Accounting at Hoa Sen University that has accredited by ACBSP is a very good opportunity for me to transfer to study abroad later and the Program assures me as well. At the same time, with the support from the lecturers, most of which graduated from abroad, along with modern teaching methods, it helped me master the lessons and achieve good results in the study. In addition, the fact that accounting students can study specialized subjects in English is also a favorable opportunity for them to access good job opportunities later at large auditing firms and multinational corporations.

In addition to self-awareness and the support of the school and the lecturers, there is also motivation from my family. Although my family also had financial difficulties, they always support me to study in the best environment and achieve good results. Thanks to that, I can pursue the dream job I have chosen.

With a passion for learning and responsibility, I promise to try my best to prove that I am worthy of this Scholarship. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Hoa Sen University, for always giving me the motivation and the opportunity to pursue my dreams.”

— Student Ha Hai Duong – 3rd year accounting major – Department of Accounting – Finance – Hoa Sen University –

“At Hoa Sen University in general and in Marketing in particular, there is no gap between lecturers and students. The lecturers are not only a teacher but also friends. They are very interested in the development of each individual. Besides delivering knowledge in the class, the lecturers also share difficulties and are ready to advise students in life and work.”

— Dang Minh Quan – Marketing Alumnus – Management Trainee Unilever Future – Leader’s Program —

“Presentation skills, communication skills, CV preparation, job application, email reply, and solid expertise knowledge helped me meet the recruitment criteria and success in the job searching process. The dynamic and professional environment at Hoa Sen University also helps me to take on the work quickly, handle the work scientifically and logically, and complete the assigned tasks well.

— Nguyen Le Dong Xuan – Alumni of International Business – Training and Events Specialist – WTO Integration Support Center HCMC –

“What I like most about Hoa Sen University is teamwork in all subjects. Teamwork not only brings people together, but also helps each person to improve themselves and learn from the good sides of others. Later, I found this to be the most applicable skill at work. In addition, such as presentation, critical thinking or intercultural communication are also very good and practical learning and research methods.”

— Huynh Ngoc Qui – Alumnus of Banking and Finance major – Currently working at HSBC –

“Accounting Program allows me to fully access knowledge in English, develop communicative English and specialized English. The courses are practical (Excel spreadsheet, Accounting simulation). In addition to theoretical knowledge, we have the opportunity to approach the real working environment: the documents, the implementation processes,… The lecturers are always the greatest source of advice and support in both professional and career orientation for students.”

— Huynh Tuyet Lan – 13th class student in Accounting —

“When studying Business Administration at Hoa Sen University, I was mentored by a team of friendly and enthusiastic lecturers/staff; therefore having the chance to participate in many practical projects/activities and have access to real case-study from businesses. The confidence, initiative, and improvisation skills learned in school helped me a lot in my current job search as well as my current job.”

— Ngo Minh Hoan – Alumnus of Business Administration, currently a customer relationship manager at Thien Ngan Film Joint Stock Company —

“Acquiring a degree in Human Resource Management, I have the opportunity to hone my professional knowledge such as recruitment, training, salary payment, etc. I also improve my soft skills such as communication skills and office computer skills. In particular, the school focuses on helping students practice English – a prerequisite to help students impress the employers – by teaching specialized subjects in English. Besides, a lot of interesting Union and Association activities help me develop myself comprehensively.”

— Phi Ngoc Quynh Anh – Student of the class of 2014 in Human Resource Management —

“The program gives me the opportunity to experience an advanced education meeting European standards in Vietnam. Not only learning, and making friends with students from France, teachers also from many other European countries have created a wonderful multicultural environment. In addition to solid professional knowledge, the program especially focuses on training soft skills for students such as presentation skills, creativity skills, and critical thinking skills.”

— Vu Thi Bich Hang – Alumni of the Paris-Est international cooperation program—

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