On December 8th, Hoa Sen University was honored to welcome Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Israel in Vietnam to share on the topic of  Innovation – Startup.

Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura said that Israel is a small country in terms of area and population, with 60% of its area being dry desert, often suffering from drought and lack of running water.

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Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Israel in Vietnam is sharing about Israel- a startup country

In order to overcome this challenge, Israel has actively applied initiatives such as research and development of seawater disinfection technology, and wastewater treatment for reuse in agriculture, industry, and urban areas… As a result, this Middle East country has now raised the total capacity of seawater desalination to more than 750 million m3/year, which is enough to meet over 90% of people’s domestic water demand. “Turn every obstacle into an advantage”, Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura said, sharing the key point that makes Israel’s “water revolution. ”

In addition, Israel is also known as a “startup country” on a global scale with more than 10,000 startups established in just 10 years (2008 – 2019).

Also, she said that entrepreneurship has been planted in the hearts and minds of people since they were children. In high schools and universities, students are encouraged to build start-up projects with their own ideas, even though those ideas are sometimes very early.

One notable thing that Israel’s senior female diplomat shares with the students of Hoa Sen University are: The Israelis treat anyone whose business has failed with great appreciation. According to this high-ranking diplomat, failure is always evident in people and is a period of transition to a more successful stage.

“We don’t see failing young people to start a business as a failure. You may not succeed for many reasons, such as lack of capital, experience, and network… And this is when the Government comes to your side to support you”, Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura said.

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HSU students excitingly sharing in the Q&A section

She also did not forget to tell the keyword “Dare” to embark on practical work, dare to ask critical questions, dare to challenge yourself, and never be satisfied with an available solution…

Mrs. Maayan Ben Tura was surprised and interested to receive many questions from Hoa Sen students interested in this topic, especially about your confidence and good English ability.

This is also the strength of Sen students because they are educated in an educational environment according to international standards, creating the opportunity to practice with the spirit of Entrepreneur even as a student.

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Group photo with the keynote speaker

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