Overview of Property Management, Exploitation and Operations

When we talk about Real Estate, everyone must think that this is a profession with a very high income. So what does working in the real estate sector include? There is a fact that: Although this is an attractive profession, but property Exploitation, Operation, Management are not as popular as other professions, moreover, they are still “very thirsty” for specialized human resources.

Property Management has recently opened in the Tourism Faculty – Hoc Sen University

Surely you have heard a lot about the phrase “Property”, so what is it?

Property is land and what is permanently attached to the land such as houses, garages, architecture, or oil and gas, mineral deposits, etc. which is underground. Moreover, property also includes products created by people. Specifically, construction works with skyscraper office buildings, busy commercial centers, apartments or condominiums and complexes …

What is Property Exploitation, Operations and Management?

Property Management – Quản lý, Vận hành và Khai thác Bất động sản

Property  Exploitation, Operations, and Management are generally what a Property Manager needs to ensure they do effectively. Specifically as:

  • Property exploitation is the use of all possible resources of the type of property in order to generate profits for the owner.
  • Property operation is the process of ensuring that buildings and systems are operated according to established procedures with effective periodic inspection, maintenance and repair processes. There are some basic systems in a building such as fire protection, electricity, water, elevators, air conditioners, etc.
  • Property management can be likened to a “modern butler”. The work mainly focuses on areas such as general management: coordinating work between departments and ensuring that the building has all the necessary operating documents according to the requirements of the State management departments, financial management, personnel, customers and technical maintenance.

Conclusions, all works are directed towards a common goal of bringing profit to the owner of the properties. The Manager must know how to fully recognize and exploit the inherent resources of a building and at the same time must inspect, maintain and be responsible for the activities taking place in that building.

What types of property do the majors target?

Includes 4 main types:

Some types of Property

Shopping center/ shopping mall: A place for shopping and entertainment with a variety of food courts, … (Ex: Van Hanh Mall, Aeon, …)

High-class apartments, condominiums: Including a system of a chain of apartments and buildings (e.g. Sky Center, Thu Thiem Garden, …)

Office building: It can be a floor or a whole building used as a workplace for one or more different companies (e.g. Bitexco Financial Tower, Diamond Plaza, …)

Complex: Is a property complex, which has a full range of infrastructure works such as: utility services (convenience stores, swimming pools, libraries, …), schools, hospitals, common areas apartments, adjacent villas, (e.g. Dragon City, Vinhomes, Golden River, …)

A group of students from Hoa Sen University implemented the Property Management project

Those are the most basic knowledge about the field of Property Management (Property Management, Exploitation and Operation). And there are many useful lessons that provide great information in this field, so make sure you don’t miss them!

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